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Andrew Bellay, United States

Mobile Product Manager
Andrew is an experienced product manager and inherently curious, strategic, and process-oriented entrepreneur. He has two engineering degrees, and a liberal arts degree from Stanford and UT Austin. He was trained in human-centered design by the founders of IDEO. ... Click to continue

Faiza Hammad, United States

Mobile Product Manager
Faiza is a strategic marketer with ten years of eCommerce and product management experience across startups and Fortune 100 brands in retail, technology, and software industries. She has led online business, product marketing, and go-to-market execution at Paper Sour... Click to continue

Stephen Joos, United States

Mobile Product Manager
Stephen has 12 years of experience in all aspects of the product development lifecycle—launching products in the telecom, research, payments, social networking, media, and advertising, and NGO/nonprofit sectors. He led the efforts to launch the mobile-giving industry... Click to continue

Nishant Kumar, India

Mobile Product Manager
Nishant is a deeply technical person who has worked in travel, gaming, media-tech, and eCommerce sectors and has experience in startups as well as managing large products. His skill sets include managing building consume P&L, setting up analytics and app infrastructu... Click to continue

Graeme Barnes, United Kingdom

Mobile Product Manager
Graeme has worked for both startups and corporations in product management and UX roles. He's driven to deliver user experiences which hit business goals and meet user needs through research, close collaboration with designers, developers, and stakeholders. Click to continue

Esmar Mesic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mobile Product Manager
For 12 years, Esmar has been working for top telco companies and other corporations, launching various types of products, impacting 200 million end users. Now, he is working with startups mainly in the fintech industry, so he can bring you the best of both worlds, le... Click to continue

Vikas Khajanchi, United States

Mobile Product Manager
Vikas is experienced in managing teams and products from inception to growth and monetization, both in startups as well as large corporations. He creates business value at the intersection of business and technology. He is passionate about building great user experie... Click to continue

Anthony Camilli, United States

Mobile Product Manager
Anthony is passionate about learning and enjoys working in a variety of roles for a range of products and technologies. Ultimately, he's driven by solving salient customer and user problems through technology and innovation. He's a firm believer in user empathy and t... Click to continue

Roman Abashin, Austria

Mobile Product Manager
Since 2009, Roman has been shaping products that are at the interface of business and IT—dealing with various and complex processes and projects across all areas of an enterprise. He is experienced, especially with digital transformation and fast-moving SaaS business... Click to continue

Mark Verdegaal, Spain

Mobile Product Manager
Mark is a seasoned digital product manager, technologist, leader, and strategist with over a decade of experience. He has a knack for building high performing Agile teams, quickly assimilating the ins and outs of new products, and creating a simple and straightforwar... Click to continue