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Mark Peake

Verified Expert  in Project Management

Project Manager

Bangkok, Thailand
Toptal Member Since
September 21, 2021

Mark has 30+ years of experience across the organizational transformation lifecycle. Over the last decade, he's focused on helping organizations—including Fortune 10 enterprises—apply Lean-Agile concepts toward a successful business transformation. As a highly skilled senior consultant and SPC 5, Mark has guided people to be agile and exercise trust, alignment, collaboration, transparency (TACT), alignment, collaboration, and transparency, to exceed expectations and implement best practices.

Project Highlights

Fortune 10 Technology Enterprise Privacy Compliance
Exceeded enterprise-level global privacy compliance objectives within budget and ahead of schedule with high quality.
Led's Foundational Design, Development, and Launch
Established, mentored, and led multi-disciplined teams to aggregate, design, develop, and deliver Mitchell's first corporate internet site——in 2000. The value achieved with this initiative was substantial across multiple areas!
Managing Director for a Global Software Enterprise
Acted as the CEO managing all corporate communication, legal, financial, and operations elements. I partnered with clients through design thinking and customer-centric modeling toward profitable relationships.


Work Experience

Senior Consultant and Lean Agile Coach

2020 - 2021
Eliassen Group
  • Achieved AT&T's Agile COE's best scores on employee satisfaction, productivity, and value delivery within two-quarters of my engagement.
  • Served as the lead coach for an enterprise-wide, international privacy protection initiative that transformed five traditional solution initiatives, including CCPA, Brazil's LGPD, and EU's GDPR into an Agile portfolio initiative.
  • Identified value streams and recommended funding and personnel models. Worked with business stakeholders to collaborate between product management and solution engineering to ensure alignment on alignment strategies.
  • Trained leaders, product managers, project managers, and Agile teams on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) toward their certification—over 100 certifications were achieved.
  • Designed, developed, and delivered custom training workshops based on the SAFe, Agile product management, Agile architecture, and Lean-Agile methodologies.
  • Mentored an Agile project leader (RTE) to be promoted as an Agile coach within the Agile COE.
  • Introduced portfolio management practices for Agile funding, strategic alignment, and program prioritization.

Senior Consultant Scrum Master

2019 - 2020
  • Provided business strategy consulting to establish US market-aligned portfolios. Leveraged value stream mapping, design thinking, and Lean Kanban.
  • Managed programs, development, quality assurance, and service leadership guidance through Kotter's big opportunity, Lean Startup, and Scaled Agile Framework approaches.
  • Helped solidify a value-based quality assurance approach.
  • Led the establishment of a multi-disciplined, collaborative, and product-focused organization that began to apply customer-centric approaches.
  • Led and facilitated all Scrum events and multi-product reviews.
  • Established a QA lab with appropriate international connectivity and customer-centric equipment. Greatly enhanced product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Worked with the program manager to enhance global collaboration. One initiative was to bring Asian development folks to Houston for two-week alignment workshops.
  • Mentored the QA manager for a service manager role.
  • Advised leadership on hiring, training, and positioning team members. The organization hired CI/CD people, a QA manager, and developers while I was there.
  • Worked closely with HR to develop agile roles with job descriptions.

Senior Consultant Agile Coach and RTE

2017 - 2018
  • Served as a senior consultant and a SAFe release train engineer (RTE). Mentored multiple global deliveries and program teams, as well as enterprise leadership. Worked in various international locations to solidify business agility transformation.
  • Supported enterprise financial leadership in the US and satellite locations including Argentina, France, Belgium, and Singapore while mentoring Lean-Agile and Scrum teams based in the US, Brazil, Hungary, and Thailand.
  • Co-led business transformation with SAP. Integrated SAP FI consultants with ExxonMobil leadership and Agile teams for a substantial SAP Central Finance (CFIN) migration pilot.
  • Delighted corporate controller and system owners with a business transformation by establishing collaborative planning cadence using a nine-week planning calendar. The calendar specified committed time boxes from portfolio vision to product delivery.
  • Implemented program increment (PI) planning across five Agile release trains. Worked with five stakeholders to conduct ExxonMobil's first face-to-face program increment planning. Other PI sessions were conducted remotely via Webex and Azure DevOps.
  • Worked with the engineering services operations head. I mentored EU consulting and Brazilian development teams to optimize SAP billing. The solution recovered millions of USD in engineering services revenue and limited complex spreadsheet management.
  • Trained multiple teams, including executive leadership, on Lean-Agile methodologies. Mentored Agile teams, product owners, and scrum masters on Scrum and SAFe toward certification. Led product, system owner, and program teams.
  • Helped enhance and conduct ExxonMobil’s Agile workshops. Facilitated innovation and tech workshops like Kotter’s big opportunity. Co-developed and led immersive Lean-Agile programs with multiple international teams in Thailand and the US.
  • Leveraged various approaches and methods based on SAFe, Scrum Alliance, Mountain Goat Software, Leading Change, and CA Technologies. Used my experience to apply the appropriate technique based on team dynamics, work types, and team experience.
  • Matured my experience in multiple tools. The majority of the Agile teams used Team Foundation Server (Azure DevOps) for agile team oversight and linked PowerBI for analytics. The global coaching team used CA Agile Central for agile management.

Senior Consultant | Engagement Lead

2013 - 2016
  • Established multiple digital and business transformation initiatives, including test centers of excellence. Served as QA manager and engagement manager who consulted with and sometimes reported directly to senior VP leadership, CIO, CSO, and CTOs.
  • Led design, development, QA, and DevOps initiatives for multiple US and offshore teams. Managed up to 17 teams simultaneously.
  • Headed business, DevOps, and development transformation programs for 50+ million USD initiatives. These included the AMEX travel reservation system, IBM marketing management system, migrations to HP ALM, and loyalty big data management solutions.
  • Established Lean and Kanban practices to provide the transparency that empowered programs and leadership to understand and reduce delivery gaps and cycle times. Also, set value stream mapping.
  • Developed and managed vendor relationships with Microsoft, computer associates, HP, insurance, entertainment, and travel service providers.
  • Led teams to deliver DevOps solutions by integrating CA DevTest, BlazeMeter, Jenkins, and multiple open-source solutions. Members of my global teams were recognized as experts by the CA and HP engineering teams.
  • Established communication protocols to reduce cycle times from multiple days to hours. Built Kanban walls to provide appropriate transparency and standardized international collaboration schedules to account for time differences.
  • Led DevOps, quality assurance, and development projects for enterprise marketing management, customer relationship, insurance solutions, casino gaming, hotel property, and travel management programs.
  • Provided onsite consulting for client visits to help enhance quality and DevOps practices. Participated in multiple pre-sales site visits to offer QA, DevOps, and Lean-Agile consulting services. Served the sales team that secured various engagements.
  • Worked closely with NIIT's global agile team on consulting assignments. Initiated SAFe business transformation initiatives in the US and India and developed and delivered custom workshops based on SAFe and business transformation.

Principle | Managing Director

2006 - 2013
GSP Software Consulting Pvt. Ltd
  • Served as the CEO for a Hyderabad, India-based global solution provider. Served as a senior executive leader and board member at Tech Outsourcing Professionals, Mark Peake Staffing and Training, and Patheos.
  • Led global teams of approximately 100 people to demonstrate expert strategic initiation, conceptual design, solution management, and optimum value delivery.
  • Led market analysis, solution prototyping, iterative development, and strategic delivery of online marketing, enterprise training, and travel global delivery system solutions. Managed custom integrations and API development.
  • Partnered with clients through design thinking and customer-centric modeling toward profitable relationships. Designed and delivered solutions that built markets for travel distribution, online marketing, and data analysis.
  • Owned relationships with strategic clients, such as Lufthansa, Amadeus, Sabre, Downtown Travel, Picasso, Skylink, The Rainmaker Institute, Priceless Possibilities, and Cognizant.
  • Leveraged Google tools and Atlassian offerings, Python, Ruby, and MS Studio for portfolio coordination, product management, solution development, and delivery. Provided solutions that leveraged on Google's Analytics suite.
  • Delighted clients by delivering sophisticated marketing and technology initiatives on time and on a budget that exceeded quality expectations. Established global security processes for customer data and financial security compliance, e.g., PCI.
  • Collaborated with visionary leaders to oversee the Virtual Flight Academy (VFA) development through version 2. The USAF Training Command adopted VFA.
  • Provided operational oversight and leadership for a substantial data center located in Time Warner's Irvine, CA facility. Had US and India-based teams provide international security compliance, systems integration, IT support, and ITSM services.
  • Led a consulting team to provide multi-location culture, ESL, and process training for over 700 Cognizant employees. Our consultants worked at other engagements to help improve outsource service practices and financial compliance, e.g., SOX.

Senior Program and Technical Service Manager

1997 - 2004
Mitchell International
  • Provided business transformation oversight by working with SVP PMO, VP information systems, and SVP product management to set a program management office while leading multiple internal IT and customer-facing technology implementation projects.
  • Led a multi-disciplined team to design, develop and deliver Mitchell's first corporate internet site. Cooperated with CCG.XM consultants, business leadership, marketing, HR, and product management to establish the first integrated web presence.
  • Acted as a technical service manager that led corporate and VAR teams to provide service, QA (including Y2K certification for 14 products), development support, software maintenance, and technology implementation for Mitchell Business Systems (MBS).
  • Led MBS business-unit service organization to move from a negative service renewal rate to a renewal rate that exceeded 70% in 18 months. From that point, service and upsell initiatives funded innovation, maintenance, and new development.
  • Owned multiple business and digital transformation initiatives where I reported directly to the C-suite on strategies and progress. Served as client liaison for major collision enterprises and organizations like ABRA and CarStar.
  • Established VAR initiatives that integrated online sales to solution build, installation, training, and support flow. Established just-in-time, standardized system build, integration, and installation with Compaq, Ingram Micro, Microsoft, and Dell.
  • Led program initiatives for P&C integrated claims processing applications delivered across various technologies, including online portals, COTS, insurance corporate WANs, remote wireless, and customer LAN environments.
  • Acted as co-facilitator and participated in a senior executive business application development review board.
  • Worked with SVP Global Service and service and training directors to establish and lead efforts for the SSPA (TSIA) certification of over 600 people whose organization achieved two STAR awards.
  • Provided program management leadership for internal and customer-facing software with traditional waterfall and RUP agile program management. Oversaw multiple IT-related solutions that included wireless, Novell, and Microsoft network implementation.

Client Service Director

1995 - 1997
  • Aligned technology and consulted solutions to penetrate a specific, high-profile group of North American gemologists and retail jewelers. All this was done with significant senior-level management. Served as US liaison for solution founders.
  • Provided strategic management skills to help the organization achieve rapid market acceptance, user group development, and high levels of software, consulting, and service sales.
  • Led a service delivery and implementation organization to achieve 200% business unit growth. Worked closely with client user groups to established high-value solutions that achieved substantial adoption.
  • Established VAR programs with ACER America, Ingram Micro, Compaq, and CompUSA to build and deliver network solutions with ARMS software preconfigured.
  • Built custom Microsoft VBA solutions to effectively integrate system sales, component purchasing, hardware integration, field service, training, and service retention models.
  • Led teams to successfully migrate competitor's solutions from legacy systems like AS400 based solutions and integrate them with inventory, profit management, and back-office accounting systems for effective implementation, training, and consulting.
  • Led teams to identify, acquire and implement a help desk system that empowered sales, service representatives, and leadership to achieve appropriate SLAs, develop a proprietary knowledge base, and manage turnkey system implementation and training.
  • Managed a team of San Diego, CA-based solution providers to augment our core development team based in Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Established, mentored, and led development, configuration, implementation, training, and service teams for the successful delivery of complex financial, point of sale, and inventory control solutions.

Principle Consultant

1994 - 1995
Go For IT
  • Established an organization to help people and organizations adapt to rapid business changes impacted by technological advances. The complete form of GO for IT is Golden Opportunities for Interactive Touch.
  • Provided consulting, implementation, and process training for our key client, Rite Aid Corporation. Served as a consultant leader for the initial deployment of the Rite Aid Dispensing System (RADS).
  • Served as SPOC for pharmaceutical division managers, personnel directors, corporate training leadership, and pharmacy managers. Mentored and provided oversight for consultants in specific geographical areas throughout the southeastern United States.
  • Developed Microsoft product training programs for C-level consulting.
  • Provided software and network implementation and training for office suites and operating systems.

Client Service Coordinator

1991 - 1994
Lee Hecht Harrison
  • Provided outplacement services for high-profile executive clients.
  • Served as the pilot (beta) office for LHH's first client service and accounting application.
  • Headed relationship management for IT vendors' agreements as well as coordinated two data migrations.
  • Managed office administrative team delivery, Novell networks, AT&T nationally-deployed PBX system, and subscribers, as well as all location desktops and applications.
  • Provided career counseling support and outplacement event services.

Implementation Engineer

1988 - 1991
  • Provided engineering services for large-scale, high-rise projects that included AT&T Town Pavillion and one KC place.
  • Used engineering designs and blueprints for establishing material placement and construction. Validated layouts complied with architectural plans and blueprints.
  • Used laser-based systems to ensure structures were aligned and ready for construction. Ensured quality materials were available and provided to construction teams.
  • Provided aluminum, iron, and stone construction services.

Contract Manager

1982 - 1987
United States Air Force
  • Served over five years in the US Air Force on two special duty assignments, including establishing the 1st Space Support Group. Supported AF Command transformations like NATO-USAFE, SAC-space Command. Received multiple Outstanding Unit Awards.
  • Collaborated directly with AF commanders, command staff, and base commanders. Established appropriate trust and clearance to serve command posts for the USAF CINCs and multiple Air Force Space Command special events.
  • Served on special duty to transform a strategic air command installation to the 1st space support group. This transformation required base and command-level regulation, policy, and process revisions that were achieved three months in advance.
  • Participated in teams that hosted US military and NATO dignitaries as well as US DOD and executive branch officials at multiple events as part of special duty assignments.
  • Served to re-establish a NATO strategic airbase that had been deactivated after the Korean war. Established admin, financial, and contracting SOPs.
  • Led a systematic review and an application of procurement, financial, service, and construction contracting SOPs. Collaborated with the inspector general's office to set compliance objectives.
  • Achieved the first successful TAC IG audit in five years for the 131 TAC Wing contracting office we were selected to establish compliance for. Collaborated closely with the inspector general's office to achieve and sustain compliance.
  • Ensured contracting, financial, and supply organizations complied with related Air Force and federal acquisition regulations such as FAR, AFAR, etc.
  • Achieved the honor graduate, senior-level student leader, management-level certification in contracts management, administration, and logistics. Earned an honorable discharge with multiple service accolades.

Fortune 10 Technology Enterprise Privacy Compliance

Exceeded enterprise-level global privacy compliance objectives within budget and ahead of schedule with high quality.

I integrated multiple businesses, CRM, product management, privacy, and legal strategies to achieve organizational excellence producing the best measurement the Agile Center of Excellence had observed for business agility.

Led the Lean-Agile business transformation through a constrained privacy compliance schedule with dynamic global regulation, e.g., California's CCPA, Brazil's LGPD, and Europe's GDPR.

Led five Agile teams to consistently deliver business objectives across iterative time boxes across three quarters.

Substantially improved program predictability through product management and agile team collaboration with alignment.

Fortune 10 Energy Enterprise's Amazing Face-to-face Program Increment

Served with leadership to plan and conduct ExxonMobil's first face-to-face quarterly considerable program increment. International teams met in Texas and achieved substantial alignment through collaboration and business stakeholder interaction.

The live event in The Woodlands, Texas, demonstrated how powerful this type of collaboration is. Many stakeholders from Global Finance and SAP System Ownership saw firsthand how teams planned and prioritized work.

From the time ExxonMobil began adopting the Scaled Agile Framework, they had conducted program increment planning remotely.

While there was a success from these sessions, they lacked the live interaction with multiple global teams and efficient stakeholder alignment.

The successful alignment achieved at the face-to-face program increment planning carried forward into future remote program increment planning to the point that stakeholders were contacting product teams before the program increment planning sessions.

Led's Foundational Design, Development, and Launch

Established, mentored, and led multi-disciplined teams to aggregate, design, develop, and deliver Mitchell's first corporate internet site——in 2000. The value achieved with this initiative was substantial across multiple areas!

I reported directly to the CEO via a matrix of C-suite and VPs for this initiative.

Upon launch, provided consistent online marketing flows for over 100 products, an eCommerce store linked to product pages, an online career center, and sophisticated online service offerings.

The initial team struggled for over a year under various leaders and webmasters. When I was asked to lead the effort, I empowered the new teams to leverage Lean-Agile methods and consolidate product information, branding, and automated service tools. The newly designed site was launched in four months by applying leading UI/UX practices and collaborating with an extensive marketing consultant (CCG.XM).

By consolidating over 60 web presences, we established a single integrated web presence that significantly reduced the cost of domain registration and multi-site maintenance.

At this point in Mitchell’s digital transformation, they had acquired many disparate service tools. empowered multiple service organizations to consolidate and standardize their global service approach. This service organization won two SSPA (TSIA) STAR awards due to the consolidation and a certification program I initiated with service strategies.

Managing Director for a Global Software Enterprise

Acted as the CEO managing all corporate communication, legal, financial, and operations elements. I partnered with clients through design thinking and customer-centric modeling toward profitable relationships.

GSP Software Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. teams performed market analysis, solution prototyping, iterative development, strategic delivery of websites, online marketing solutions, global distribution product integration, corporate training, and data center ITSM.

We built a global service provider presence from a modest startup in 2006 by partnering with well-recognized online marketing solution firms. In 2008, I was asked to partner with Patheos Inc.

Patheos acknowledged our success and capabilities, so we began managing accounts like Lufthansa North America and developing partner relationships for Sabre and Amadeus. We provided custom development and ITSM for the top travel consolidators like Skylink, Downtown Travel, and Picasso.

Our India and US teams took over IT service management for a Time Warner-based data center that provided infrastructure for all servers, appliances, databases, custom APIs, and service delivery for Patheos's products and services.

In 2009, I was approached by a training partner to oversee training for their corporate clients, including Cognizant. Our certified trainers provided corporate culture and process training for the Hyderabad market.

Due to market shifts, we sold our organization in 2013.
2005 - 2007

Specialization in Global Leadership

Fuller Theological Seminary - Pasadena, CA

1992 - 1997

Professional Certificates in Systems Engineering and Quality Assurance

UC San Diego | UCSD - LaJolla, CA

1981 - 1985

DOD and DOL Certifications in Contract, Vendor, Supply-chain, and Material Management

Community College of the Air Force - Global Locations, Including the UK and Various US Bases



Scaled Agile Framework




MAY 1998 - APRIL 2004




RADS Training Leader



International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental & Reinforcing

Department of Labor

JUNE 1986 - MAY 1988

Contracting Officer

United States Air Force


Skype, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Office 365, Zoom, Jira, Atlassian, Microsoft Project, Excel 365, Financial Data, Slack, SAP FI, LS Retail POS Systems, Lotus Notes

Industry Expertise

Hospitality, Digital Marketing, Supply Chain Management (SCM)


Agile, Agile Leadership, Agile Project Management, Kanban, Scrum, Agile Product Management, DevOps, Organizational Change Management (OCM), Design Thinking, Change Management, Organizational Analysis, Customer Development, Agile Workflow, Engineering, Procurement, & Construction (EPC), Lean, Azure DevOps, HIPAA Compliance


iOS, Android, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Windows XP, Windows Server, Windows 7, Apple TV


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Program Management, Training & Training Content Development, Project Management, Scrum Coaching, Global Team Management, QA Leadership, Software Engineering, Engagement Strategy, Team Leadership, Global Project Management, Global Delivery Strategy, Relationship Building, Website Management, Quality Assurance (QA), Corporate Planning, Product Management, Cross-departmental Collaboration, Cross-functional Collaboration, Thought Leadership, Vendor Management, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Software as a Service (SaaS), Stakeholder Management, Team Management, Offshore Team Management, Distributed Team Management, Client Delivery Management, Delivery Management, Scrum Master, Agile Coaching, Travel, IT Projects, PI Planning, Planning, Project Planning, Digital Marketing Strategy, B2C Marketing, Market Research, B2B Partnerships, Marketing, IT Project Management, Supply Chain, Project Delivery, IT Management, Business Transformation, Business Transformation Program Management, Lean Canvas, Lean Development, Objectives & Key Results (OKRs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Process Transformation, Client Success, Data Transformation, Value Stream Mapping, Business Model Canvas, Portfolio Management, Lean Portfolio Management, New Products, Value Chain, Agile Transformation, Event Planning, Strategic Planning, Strategic Partnerships, Transformational Leadership, Contract, Procurement, Software Development Management, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Business Solutions, Customer Service, Customer Success, Microsoft, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Technical Training, Discovery Workshops, Data Strategy, CRM Systems, Data Management, Product Roadmaps, Proof of Concept (POC), SaaS, Agile Practices, Operations, Certified Project Manager, Project Management Operations, Web Project Management, Operations Strategy, Operations Management, Hybrid Project Management, Jira Align, ADO.NET, Lean Startups, Leadership, Total Quality Management (TQM), Digital Transformation, Change Leadership, Engineering, Steel Structure, Government Contracting, Construction Contracting, Scrum Testing, Scrum Product Owner, Field Service Management, Global Operations, Project Finance, Global Business, Global Sourcing, Culture, Socioeconomics, B2B Product Management, Web Marketing, Mobile, Mobile Apps, SEO Marketing, B2B Lead Generation, B2B Sales Pipeline, Financial Systems, Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS), Manufacturing Project Management, Bid Management, Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Emerging Markets, Purchasing, Networking, Financials, Enterprise SaaS, Cloud Platforms, Platform as a Service (PaaS), RACI, Systems Engineering, Service Excellence, Service Delivery Management, Service Delivery Project Management, Windows NT, Digital Transformation Program Management, Agile DevOps, Design Leadership, Federal Contracting, AWS DevOps, Data, Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Business to Business (B2B), Big Data, Big Data Architecture, Distributed Systems, Human Resources (HR), Customer Journeys, SAP FICO, SAP, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Pharmacy, Telecom Equipment & Solutions, Construction Management, Finance, SAP ERP

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