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An Overview of User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience (UX) design experts have a deep understanding of design, technology, and human psychology. What makes a product great? What keeps people coming back, what drives them away? A well thought out UX design process, spearheaded by a seasoned UX professional, will help you strike the right balance and keep users coming back for more. This multidisciplinary process also involves a fair amount of user research, ranging from basic analytics and heatmaps, to elaborate enterprise research efforts.

Since UX design can involve a fair amount of planning, research, back-and-forth communication and coordination with team members and stakeholders, a UX designer also has to possess excellent communication skills and basic management experience. This is especially true of freelance UX experts, who jump from project to project, because they have to hit the ground running and start making an impact as soon as possible.

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