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Max Flander

Member since November 29, 2015
Max has a PhD in mathematics. He has been working as a data scientist for the past three years with experience covering data engineering, predictive modeling, recommender systems, information retrieval, and crowd-sourced data curation. He's an excellent communicator ... Click to continue

Niels Andriesse

Member since December 21, 2015
Niels is a fast learner with a strong focus on entrepreneurial ventures and a natural aptitude for software engineering. He taught himself programming during his aerospace engineering studies where he used his skills to develop powerful structural analysis and orbit ... Click to continue

Paulo Castro

Member since October 4, 2011
Paulo has over fifteen years of professional experience in the IT industry, working for the most important players and customers around Latin America. He has solid knowledge of a wide variety of technologies and an excellent grasp of the ins and outs of the industrie... Click to continue

Edward Huang

Member since September 19, 2017
Edward has twelve years of software development experience, and for the past five, he's been creating complex mobile applications for iPhone and iPad. He always provides high code quality and pixel-perfect user interfaces and user experiences on time. He communicates... Click to continue

XiaoFeng An

Member since November 10, 2015
With ten years of software development experience, XiaoFeng has contributed to projects small and large, demonstrating his professionalism with unmatched quality and reliability. Being a professional developer means understanding all the requirements of a project and... Click to continue

Akio Takei

Member since October 9, 2017
Akio is an experienced full-stack developer who has a solid background in creating complex apps for iOS and Android devices as well as building awesome web applications with robust backend. Over the past eight years, he solved many complex and technical problems with... Click to continue