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Jeffrey Fidelman, United States

Freelance fintech Consultant
Jeffrey has directly executed over $500 million in transactions across real estate, private equity, public equity, and venture capital. Freelancing gives him the ability to work directly with leadership in order to achieve efficient and positive results. Typically wo... Click to continue

Alex Graham, United Kingdom

Freelance fintech Consultant
Alex is a London-based CFA charterholder has had a global career. He enjoys freelancing to keep abreast of industry trends and to reinforce his experience from venture capital, consulting and bond/currency trading. With a technical skill set and an engaging communica... Click to continue

Anuar Heberlein, Canada

Freelance fintech Consultant
Anuar has participated in transactions across the Americas totaling more than $1 billion dollars over the past 12 years. He has extensive experience working with C-level executives and helping many Fortune 500 clients with corporate and growth strategy projects, M&As... Click to continue

James Andrew Warner, United States

Freelance fintech Consultant
James has over 20 years of investment and financial advisory experience at the world's leading hedge funds, private equity funds, and investment banks. His expertise includes investment due diligence, valuation analyses, restructuring advisory, interim management, co... Click to continue

Marius Dan Rus, Romania

Freelance fintech Consultant
After a decade in banking and an MBA at UC Berkeley, Marius focuses on consulting, investing, and executing complex deals in seed, growth equity, and distressed debt. He specializes in market analysis, pricing, modeling and valuation, due diligence, capital restructu... Click to continue

Florent Bonin, Singapore

Freelance fintech Consultant
Florent is an M&A professional with five years of experience advising start-up management teams, directors, and investors. He has worked on acquisitions by strategic and financial buyers as well as on equity and debt capital raises in the US, EU, and Asia. Florent's... Click to continue

Steve Sprindis, United States

Freelance fintech Consultant
Steve is an experienced financial executive and consultant with a broad range of experience ranging from deep dive financial analysis to M&A and valuation work. He has experience as a CFO, private equity investor, and investment banker. Steve has worked with over fif... Click to continue

Gregory Thompson, United States

Freelance fintech Consultant
Greg led the corporate development team at a technology company, completing many acquisitions and divestitures and growing revenue 400% to over $800 million. He has worked as a principal and a consultant for both large public companies (such as FICO and Oracle) and s... Click to continue

Carol Kraemer, United States

Freelance fintech Consultant
Carol advised in the sale of a global multi-billion dollar energy company and served as a sub-segment controller/CFO for Siemens. She helps companies grow through acquisitions, fundraising, and strategic advisory. Carol has built some of the most sophisticated financ... Click to continue
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