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Randle Unger

Member since March 14, 2017
Randle has 15 years of experience delivering software products and leading technical teams across diverse environments, languages, and roles. He has expert-level Scala, Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, ES6, and Node.js development skills, and he's also proficient in softwar... Click to continue

Star Ford

Member since September 14, 2016
Star has been consulting and developing software for twenty years, with special skills in capturing and communicating requirements, data modeling, and modeling business processes. Her experience largely focuses on media production workflow management, and she has an ... Click to continue

Alexis Hernandez

Member since February 28, 2015
Alexis taught himself how to program while he was in high school, in an environment with very limited internet access and no guidance. Despite all of this, he fell in love with coding. He's a generalist who has worked in a lot of areas—from embedded devices to web ap... Click to continue

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