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Timothy A. Martin, United States

freelance start-up controller expert
Tim is an experienced CFO and finance professional in all aspects of financial planning, financial analysis, M&A, corporate accounting, and business case development with companies like IBM and Emerson Electric. He has extensive expertise in building dynamic, executa... Click to continue

Didzis Silis, Netherlands

freelance start-up controller expert
Didzis has worked at Nokia and controlled the financials of fast-paced projects in Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe (including a $125 million mobile network roll-out in Ukraine). He enjoys freelancing as it allows him to help clients solve non-routine finan... Click to continue

Carol Kraemer, United States

freelance start-up controller expert
Carol advised in the sale of a global multi-billion dollar energy company and served as a sub-segment controller/CFO for Siemens. She helps companies grow through acquisitions, fundraising, and strategic advisory. Carol has built some of the most sophisticated financ... Click to continue

Ted Bartlett, United States

freelance start-up controller expert
Ted has led the finance and operational functions of companies with sales ranging from $2 million to $20 billion, including Xerox and the Gowan Company. He has recently specialized in modeling, negotiation, and deal architecture for mid-market M&A transactions and jo... Click to continue

Jerome Elfassy, United States

freelance start-up controller expert
After working as a credit prop trader for 7 years, co-managing a $12 billion corporate bond portfolio, and co-founding Festicket, Jerome started freelancing, building financial models, consulting for capital raising and acting as an external CFO. He has extensive exp... Click to continue

Charlene Lee, Singapore

freelance start-up controller expert
Charlene is a finance expert cum consulting CFO with experience working for US Fortune 500, MNCs, and startups. She's managed $550 million dollar business, carried out successful profitability/business improvement projects, budget & forecasting, financial management,... Click to continue

William M. Wright II, CPA, United States

freelance start-up controller expert
Over a 30+ year career as a business leader, Bill has enjoyed helping build some great middle market companies. Now he is extremely excited to expand his impact by offering freelance financial services to a broader market. Helping business owners and leaders make the... Click to continue

Mark Wyllie, Jordan

freelance start-up controller expert
In his corporate career, Mark served as the CFO and VP of corporate finance for a NASDAQ company, working internationally in Asia and CEE. As a freelancer, he helped analyze the setup of a new investment fund and raised funds to build wind turbine SPVs. He uses his e... Click to continue

John Huff, United States

freelance start-up controller expert
In his role as CFO, John has helped early stage companies attract and raise growth capital while executing aggressive growth strategies that have led to acquisitions by strategic buyers. As a freelance consultant, he enjoys working with a variety of clients to help t... Click to continue