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Timothy A. Martin, United States

freelance start-up controller expert
Tim is an experienced CFO and finance professional in all aspects of financial planning, financial analysis, M&A, corporate accounting, and business case development with companies like IBM and Emerson Electric. He has extensive expertise in building dynamic, executa... Click to continue

Didzis Silis, Netherlands

freelance start-up controller expert
Didzis has worked at Nokia and controlled the financials of fast-paced projects in Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe (including a $125 million mobile network roll-out in Ukraine). He enjoys freelancing as it allows him to help clients solve non-routine finan... Click to continue

Carol Kraemer, United States

freelance start-up controller expert
Carol advised in the sale of a global multi-billion dollar energy company and served as a sub-segment controller/CFO for Siemens. She helps companies grow through acquisitions, fundraising, and strategic advisory. Carol has built some of the most sophisticated financ... Click to continue

Charlene Lee, Singapore

freelance start-up controller expert
Charlene is a finance expert cum consulting CFO with experience working for US Fortune 500, MNCs, and startups. She's managed $550 million dollar business, carried out successful profitability/business improvement projects, budget & forecasting, financial management,... Click to continue

Mark Wyllie, Jordan

freelance start-up controller expert
In his corporate career, Mark's acted as the CFO and VP of corporate finance for a NASDAQ company, working internationally in Asia and CEE. As a freelancer, he's helped analyze the setup of a new investment fund and raised funds to build wind turbine SPVs. He uses hi... Click to continue