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Stephen Joos, United States

freelance Salesforce Product Manager
Stephen has 12 years of experience in all aspects of the product development lifecycle—launching products in the telecom, research, payments, social networking, media, and advertising, and NGO/nonprofit sectors. He led the efforts to launch the mobile-giving industry... Click to continue

Charles Wigand, United States

freelance Salesforce Product Manager
Chuck Wigand has been managing software projects for startups and enterprises, like IHS Markit, for over 15 years. By combing his project management experience with his product management expertise, his clients get the full landscape perspective that exceeds their ex... Click to continue

Justin MacLean, United States

freelance Salesforce Product Manager
Justin is a strategic data, technology, and analytics executive with a deep and diverse background. He is adept at addressing strategic opportunities with a context-aware, data-driven approach. He uses Agile product management, structured collaboration, and analytics... Click to continue

Audrius Zujus, Lithuania

freelance Salesforce Product Manager
Audrius is an experienced technical project manager and a CTO. As a contractor, he has worked with Uber, Swedbank, Deloitte, Samsung, SAAB, and Leonardo. While at Deloitte, he worked with Rolls-Royce, Diageo, Deutsche Bank, Clydesdale Bank, Warner Bros, John Lewis, W... Click to continue

Victor Liao, United States

freelance Salesforce Product Manager
Victor has 14 years of product management experience. He leverages strategic insight, tactical coordination, and leadership with cross-functional product development teams. He has launched over a dozen successful products with local, and offshore Agile teams. He has ... Click to continue

Srdjan Colak, Serbia

freelance Salesforce Product Manager
Srdjan is a hands-on technical product manager who manages full product lifecycle with expertise in managing product, design, engineering, and research teams. He is experienced in health tech, hospitality, education, and fintech. He led product development at Medopad... Click to continue

Stacy Cormier, United States

freelance Salesforce Product Manager
Stacy has driven product success through thoughtful strategy development, product innovation, and a consistent focus on the end-to-end customer experience for over 20 years. She is a gifted communicator with the ability to broker compromise and facilitate alignment.... Click to continue

Fouad El-Qassem, United Arab Emirates

freelance Salesforce Product Manager
Along with launching a variety of successful consumer and business products over the past 20 years, Fouad is a subject matter expert in marketing technologies and customer loyalty programs. With experience in working with local and remote teams, Fouad's leveraged his... Click to continue

Jessica Brim, United States

freelance Salesforce Product Manager
Jessica has more than 15 years of experience leading new product development and design startups and Fortune 50 companies. She excels at leading cross-functional teams and creating rapid adoption for new systems. She has also been a product lead for offerings in heal... Click to continue

Ryan D. Hatch, United States

freelance Salesforce Product Manager
Ryan is a successful SaaS co-founder with 15 years of B2B and B2C product experience. With an incredible blend of customer insights, business know-how, creativity, and tech feasibility, Ryan's led teams to design and grow products that clients love. He’s created $40... Click to continue