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Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces, has been increasingly popular with front-end developers. Vue.js’ strength lies in its great universality and adoptability for tasks of any complexity. But the lower barrier to entry for the Vue.js framework means that you need to be extra careful to distinguish between good developers and great Vue.js experts.


Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces, has been increasingly popular with front-end developers. Vue.js’ strength lies in its great universality and adoptability for tasks of any complexity. But the lower barrier to entry for the Vue.js framework means that you need to be extra careful to distinguish between good developers and great Vue.js experts.

This sample job description will help you write the perfect job ad and assure that you easily find and hire the Vue.js developer that matches your specific criteria.

Vue.js Developer - Job Description and Ad Template

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Company Introduction

{{ Write a short and catchy paragraph about your company. Make sure to provide information about the company’s culture, perks, and benefits. Mention office hours, remote working possibilities, and everything else that you think makes your company interesting. }}

Job Description

We are looking for an expert JavaScript developer who is highly skilled with Vue.js. Your primary focus will be developing user-facing web applications and components. You’ll implement them with the Vue.js framework, following generally accepted practices and workflows. You will ensure that you produce robust, secure, modular, and maintainable code. You will coordinate with other team members, including back-end developers and UX/UI designers. Your commitment to team collaboration, perfect communication, and a quality product is crucial.


  • Developing user-facing applications using Vue.js
  • Building modular and reusable components and libraries
  • Optimizing your application for performance
  • Implementing automated testing integrated into development and maintenance workflows
  • Staying up-to-date with all recent developments in the JavaScript and Vue.js space
  • Keeping an eye on security updates and issues found with Vue.js and all project dependencies
  • Proposing any upgrades and updates necessary for keeping up with modern security and development best practices
  • {{ Add any other relevant responsibilities here. }}


  • Highly proficient with the JavaScript language and its modern ES6+ syntax and features
  • Highly proficient with Vue.js framework and its core principles such as components, reactivity, and the virtual DOM
  • Familiarity with the Vue.js ecosystem, including Vue CLI, Vuex, Vue Router, and Nuxt.js
  • Good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3, including {{ Sass or Less depending on your technology stack }}
  • Understanding of server-side rendering and its benefits and use cases
  • Knowledge of functional programming and object-oriented programming paradigms
  • Ability to write efficient, secure, well-documented, and clean JavaScript code
  • Familiarity with automated JavaScript testing, specifically testing frameworks such as Jest or Mocha
  • Proficiency with modern development tools, like Babel, Webpack, and Git
  • Experience with both consuming and designing RESTful APIs
  • {{ Make sure to mention any other frameworks, libraries, or other technologies relevant to your project. }}
  • {{ List any education level or certification you may require. }}
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Sergej has solid academic and professional experience in computer science, thanks to which he knows what it takes to come up with effective solutions to complex problems. As a skilled, communicative web developer with over five years of experience in startup and corporate environments, he believes that great results come as a product of great passion. Sergej's drive, positive attitude, and proactive approach help him deliver these results in a very natural way.

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Freelance Vue.js Developer

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Marin Barbić

Freelance Vue.js Developer

CroatiaToptal Member Since September 29, 2019

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PolandToptal Member Since January 12, 2017

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Siddharth Saha

Freelance Vue.js Developer

IndiaToptal Member Since January 17, 2017

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Patryk Pawłowski

Freelance Vue.js Developer

PolandToptal Member Since October 27, 2016

Patryk is a seasoned full-stack developer who specializes in all types of modern JavaScript implementations—from architecting the back end and APIs to building pixel-perfect web and mobile apps. Thanks to his experience running his own company and having a background in design, he is a great facilitator between business and product teams. Patryk also enjoys speaking at conferences.

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Matthew Newman

Freelance Vue.js Developer

United StatesToptal Member Since August 2, 2017

Matthew has over 15 years of experience in database management and software development, with a strong focus on full-stack web applications. He specializes in Django and Vue.js with expertise deploying to both server and serverless environments on AWS. He also works with relational databases and large datasets.

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Temur Kodirov

Freelance Vue.js Developer

UzbekistanToptal Member Since January 30, 2019

Since 2016, Temur has been making a living as a senior full-stack developer building apps with the PHP framework, Laravel; this includes working as a senior back-end developer for companies Artel and Uzbekinvest. He’s also quite good at front-end development, especially with Vue.js, and has used those skills on behalf of IUTLab and Artel. Temur’s passionate about problem-solving and applying his in-depth knowledge of mathematics.

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Shakirov Saidravshan

Freelance Vue.js Developer

UzbekistanToptal Member Since March 8, 2018

Audacious, motivated, and highly professional, Shakirov is a skilled senior full-stack React/Python software developer with 9+ years of experience. He is familiar with working in a team environment as well as individually. Shakirov strives to always be learning and enjoys using brand new technologies in his projects.

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