David Crais, Product Manager in New Orleans, LA, United States

David Crais

Product Manager

New Orleans, LA, United States
Toptal Member Since
October 22, 2019

David is a senior leader in product management, corporate development, sales and marketing, team building, governance, R&D, and partnership engagement in international and US markets. He ascended in placements from sales engineering to CEO, CPO, CTO, and board member in diverse industries from medtech, healthcare, fintech, regtech, proptech, NGO, energy, ESG, and IoT. He is an expert at digital transformation, bringing a diverse skill set and high-EQ to projects with a 360° strategic focus.

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Project Highlights

Diabetes Assessment and Management Centers
Led research, prototyping, design, development, and deployment of telemedicine diabetes platform.
Team Lead - "Healthy Plate"
Designed and developed an obesity management mobile app for iOS and Android platforms utilizing Healthcare.gov API and datasets. Won award for the app from Kaiser Permanente and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The app was called "Healthy Plate."
Blockchain Smart Contract Transaction and Valuation Network (Fintech)
Led design blockchain-enabled smart contract platform using ETH ERC20 to value and transact underlying assets for catastrophe bonds and ESG assets using dynamic transactional marketplace utilizing oracles for data input and on/off-chain engagement.


Climate ChangeFintechGo-to-market PlansInnovation ManagementNew Business VenturesProduct Lifecycle Management (PLM)Senior Executive ManagementWeb 3.0


Master's Degree
Universidad Iberoamericana
Bachelor's Degree
Loyola University

Select Certifications

Certified Medical Practice Executive
Medical Group Management Association
Project Management Professional (PMP)
Project Management Institute (PMI)

Work Experience

2005 - PRESENT


  • Led the development of a multi-feature diabetes telemedicine system used to diagnose diabetes complications including diabetic retinopathy, in vitro diagnostics, Doppler imaging, duplex imaging, arterial brachial index.
  • Launched MDx genomic testing for H edPylori and targeted therapies of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance in Mexico and Canada markets. Led Cofepris (Mexican FDA) regulatory affairs and ISO 15189 compliance.
  • Produced go-to-market, training, product sales, and industry workshops for medical, industrial, finance and investment, and economic development, association, verticals in US and internationally, over 200 events produced with 30-550 attendees.
  • Led product management and offered domain expertise for the mobile app for childhood obesity management using ESRI location-based GIS services, Data.gov, and Healthdata.gov data sets. Won Kaiser and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation product award.
  • Led commercialization and product marketing management for point of care testing (POCT) handheld blood analyzer using lab-on-a-chip unit-dose testing with dry reagents and microfluidic samples. Theranos used many of our expired patents.
  • Served as the product manager and acting CEO for "Volnado," a web browser-based music publishing platform for independent musicians using location-based (IP address tracking) services, video stitching, wifi. Company acquired in 2013.
  • Served as interim CEO to lead product development, systems engineering, and investor relations for cord blood stem cell company. Led out-licensing by partnerships at BIO partner conferences in the US and Europe, raised grants and private capital.
  • Led strategic planning and capitalization planning and development for Viacom Nickelodeon/ Six Flags theme/water park enabled with wireless and tracking technologies in New Orleans, LA as part of Hurricane Katrina recovery. Led bond financing strategy.
  • Led concept and development of a blockchain-based global network for pricing, valuation, settlement of catastrophe bonds for ESG reinsurance market. Regulations, technology, UX, client engagement, for the multi-sided marketplace with ERC20 Ethereum.
  • Oversaw NPD and PLM for wearable technologies for medical biometric modeling using printed electronics, flexible technologies, smart fabrics, and telematics for Remote Patient Monitoring. Led deployment, contracting, partnerships with ACO, IDN's.
2003 - 2005


Couhig Partners
  • Led development of venture capital firm in partnership with Couhig Partners law firm. Leveraged legal client base, network, and brand affiliation to grow deal flow.
  • Led strategic planning for stem cell firm client for product development and market planning.
  • Co-marketed firm with firm partner, former Attorney General of Lousiana, Richard Ieyoub.
2002 - 2004

Managing Director - Gulf Coast Business Unit

Quest Diagnostics
  • Led recruitment and training over 20 sales and CSR staff with onsite and field training.
  • Led sales and implementation of Lab Information Systems for online ordering and assay reporting. Over 100 implementations per year.
  • Increased revenues from $24 million to $32 million in the first year with an increase in operating margins from 26% to 38%.
  • Led the launch of genomic and esoteric testing for cardiovascular, oncology, and women's health markets. Created a go-to-market strategy for my region and led a campaign with organizational staff.
  • Won "Top Performing District" award in 2003 for increasing performance rank from 82 to 6 out of all US business units.
1999 - 2003

Vice President Sales and Marketing

  • Worked with product development team out of Smith Kline Beechum on blood analyzer medical device with LIS interface and health IT BUS. Won "Medical Device Design Award" in 2000.
  • Recruited, trained, and led 25 member sales force increased to 30 with the addition of five region managers. Oversaw all sales and team management activities in Los Angeles HQ and in 41 US states, eight countries, and over 500 hospitals.
  • Launched medical device and health IT line at over 50 US and Canadian trade shows with an exhibit booth. Led generation and led management with CRM (we were one of the first Salesforce.com customers) to sales generation. 200 new accounts acquired in the first year.
  • Co-managed fundraising campaign with the CEO and CFO that led to IPO on American Stock Exchange. Capital raised funded our product launch.
  • Managed investor relations for public and private investors with IR staff. Managed SEC compliance with legal staff and outside legal and accounting firms. Led PIPE offering after IPO that led to $10 million raised for product redesign and NPD.
  • Led a joint venture with Roche Diagnostics in Canada. OEM relationship with Roche for Careside analyzer and Careside Connect LIS IT integration network. Launched product in Alberta Provence in Calgary, expanded to Vancouver.
  • Led international exports from Miami distribution location. Led partnership with Jamaican distributor to set up lab testing for clinics in Angola, West Africa. Facilitated sales, distribution, and training through Miami, Angola, and the Canary Islands.
  • Led contracting with the US Navy, US Army, and VA hospitals for blood analyzer and Health IT integration sales with Careside Analyzer and Careside Connect. Launched with US Navy in San Diego and Norfolk, Virginia, and Brook Army Hospital in San Antonio, TX.
  • Led sales strategy and implementation with client acquisitions to US Dept of Interior Indian Health Service for lab testing on Native American Reservations and through FQHC's and Regional Health Centers. Led co-development of EDI LIS interfaces with IHS.
  • Worked with Human Factors firms and UX researchers and designers, worked on Design History File, QMS, usability studies, and Clinical trials for FDA submission of medical device analyzer. Successfully won approval and launched successfully.
1992 - 1998

Chairman and CEO

State of Louisiana
  • Appointed by governor to lead state economic development agency to issue bonds, manage public finance, lobby for policy initiatives, build economic development community, and serve constituents.
  • Created an online marketplace to promote Louisiana exporters modeled on Oregon Marketplace. Led to the development of sales to international markets.
  • Created finance product to Back-to-Back Letter of Credit financing for small exporters with limited credit histories. Allowed early-stage companies to acquire trade finance to close sales with foreign entities.
  • Lobbied legislature, elected officials, and state employees to favorable policy changes to enhance the organizational mission.
  • Led structural reorganization and recapitalization of an entity with the Lousiana Public Facilities Authority, the Louisiana Department of Economic Development, and other state entities.

Project History

Financial Industry Product Management

Successfully led multiple projects with wealth management, private banking, and investment groups, brokers, and Registered Investment Advisors (RIA's) with warehouses like Merrill Lynch, and RIA custodians like Raymond James.

I led these projects using investment management and FA CRM frameworks for Certified Financial Professionals (CFP) with modern portfolio theory best practices (MPT) with Efficient Frontier forecasts, Monte Carlo modeling, and other tools.

I oversaw the development and application of client reporting, data visualization, and UX research and design for financial advisor/wealth manager, banking, RIA, compliance directors referral partners, and other stakeholders on mobile and enterprise platforms. I worked with Salesforce.com integration on platforms with Ibbotson charting, SunGard integration, and other APIs or interfaces. I also developed roadmaps, strategic assessment models, UML models, MVP with technical teams, scenario models, use-cases, user stories, client and stakeholder journey mapping, and other facets of NPD and integration or design in Waterfall, Agile, Lean, and Scrum sociotechnical methodologies.

All financial services and products complied with KYC (know your customer), AML (anti-money laundering), and European GDPR and California privacy laws.

The platforms and products we led covered nine asset classes, from traditional such as equities, indexes, and bonds, to alternative assets and of late crypto.

Diabetes Assessment and Management Centers

Led research, prototyping, design, development, and deployment of telemedicine diabetes platform.

With diabetes and complications and comorbidities growing to epidemic proportions in the US and other countries, and diagnosis of complications in patient populations only reporting at 33% or fewer, we set out to solve the problem of patient cost and convenience in obtaining the standard of care diagnosis for their diabetes-related complications. We solved this problem by creating a "head to toe" assessment of diabetic complications and services; fundus photography diabetic retinopathy, lipid levels, cardiac profile, BMI, ABI Index, doppler scan, duplex scan, inflammatory system testing, CKD check, CAD check, thermographic assessment of arterial and venous flow, reflux disease, medication therapy management, diabetic education, and nutrition assessment all delivered without providers or HCP's onsite. Remote monitoring and tele-diagnostics were used in a unified communications platform with EMR, PHR, Practice management, and revenue-cycle management modules integrated into the platform. Led regulatory affairs management and payer engagement in seven US states and with private and public sector clients.

Team Lead - "Healthy Plate"

Designed and developed an obesity management mobile app for iOS and Android platforms utilizing Healthcare.gov API and datasets. Won award for the app from Kaiser Permanente and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The app was called "Healthy Plate."

"Healthy Plate" was an obesity management app designed to manage obesity and comorbidities for juveniles and families utilizing open data sets and API from HealthData.gov, Data.gov, and commercial partners with Esri GIS location-based services, Dept of Agriculture data, HHS data, and others.

I led the front end, back end, DevOps, QA, and domain expert XFN team from ideation and concept wireframing through design, development, testing and QA, validation and verification, compliance mapping with HIPAA and CMS guidelines, and to deployment within the Kaiser/RWJF systems. The "Healthy Plate" moniker and UI was designed around the new (at the time) Health Plate metaphor that replaced the Dept of Agriculture "Food Pyramid." Our design used the plate as UI icons to follow the user journey through diet preparation, health and wellness history, and shopping and meal preparation with sharing capability to providers, peers, and family members (optional). We also designed a gamification option to establish wellness best practices with reward functions from Twitch and other platforms using their API's and white label solutions.

Blockchain Smart Contract Transaction and Valuation Network (Fintech)

Led design blockchain-enabled smart contract platform using ETH ERC20 to value and transact underlying assets for catastrophe bonds and ESG assets using dynamic transactional marketplace utilizing oracles for data input and on/off-chain engagement.

The platform is a blockchain-enabled transaction network using the ETH20 (other coins and tokens are possible to use). It started contracting capabilities with institutional and enterprise APIs in cross-border reinsurance markets to mitigate the risks of climate change damages and financial incentives for stakeholders, holders, and sellers of financial instruments. The key to the project was solving the "Oracle problem" with endpoint sourcing of data and transactional and risk pool value, the proprietary methods for working out this challenge.

Physicians Proviso


Created a subscription platform for primary care medical practices to navigate healthcare system reform and change.

From the inception of Accountable Care Organization regulations as part of the PPACA (ObamaCare) legislation, I led a team of domain experts, product owners, developers, and others to create PRD (product requirements document) and MRD (market requirements document) designing platform for small medical practices (4-6 physicians max). Launching in Michigan, Physicians Proviso, or "P2" as it is colloquially referred to, is a platform that enables physician-led ACO like performance and care coordination through a suite of products and services offered by P2. In addition to product and portfolio management of said tools and services, I led teams in regulatory compliance, clinical product development and distribution, value-based care, revenue cycle management, and outcome-based payment models. Unlike practices captive within hospital or healthcare networks, or those with more than 25 physicians, small practices are much more successful with reimbursement revenue, value-based contracting, and meeting quality metrics and standards by having a support organization like Physicians Proviso as a "virtual corporate development" partner. Data mining and analysis is a key component of physician ACOs and CINs like P2.

Charter School Development


Created an international baccalaureate charter school in downtown New Orleans.

Led project management and strategy to create an international baccalaureate charter school in New Orleans. Coordinated team and board of directors to compile the application and regulatory compliance for the creation and launch of a charter school in downtown New Orleans that now serves over 600 students. Conducted site visits across the United States to charter and international baccalaureate schools to gain insights into curricula, performance expectations, teacher and student sentiment, student recruitment, and more. Delivered presentation in 2009 to charter school governing body for state boards of education which successfully won approval for Type 2 charter development.

Clear The Rights (Dot Com)

Led creation and development of web marketplace for music and intellectual property rights trading and investment.

A web platform for trading and clearing copyright, patent, and trademarks for music publishers, content marketers, creators, agencies, investors, and other stakeholders. Web architecture with discovery, bid/ask, settlement, and transfer management for intangible assets, rights, and intellectual property. I led ideation of the projects, UX, customer journeys, UML modeling, requirements elicitation, use-case development, user stories, UI design, sourcing and procurement, and engagement with IP and entertainment lawyers and firms. The project first engaged in a partnership with an entertainment law firm, the partnership I negotiated and led, and was then acquired by entertainment lawyers. Later iterations included mobile and app versions of the platform.

Home COVID-19 Diagnostic Test

Served as acting CTO for home test development at early stages of COVID-19 pandemic.

Led scrum and agile remote teams from Peru to Ukraine in the development of iOS, Android, and web apps with Shopify storefront along with the disposable medical devices under ISO 13485 standards for clients, desiring a home testing alternative for COVID-19 testing. Successfully produced product requirement document, market requirements document, roadmap design, regulatory compliance, and go-to-market planning for the product.

Viacom Nickelodeon Theme Park

Led financing, design, and concept development with technology solutions design for 57-acre former Six Flags theme park converted to a wired waterpark with mobile security and payment technologies for Fortune 500 client.

Hired as managing director for ideation, design, planning, and product development of theme park conversion from Six Flags to the waterpark in greater New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Recruited team and worked with Viacom management from MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Country Music Television, and Black Entertainment Television (BET). Led media relations with TV, newspaper, and radio media outlets (personally interviewed approximately 26 times).

Worked directly with Louisiana state treasurer and bond commission board on bond financing. Recruited and managed relationships with bond counsel, corporate counsel, investment bankers and bond underwriters, and EB-5 investment agencies on financing.

Oversaw design charrettes for the theme park. Managed and led mesh network design, wearables design, vendor procurement, UX and UI design, and other facets of park development.

Collaborated with the Mayor of New Orleans (city-owned land) on a public-private partnership agreement for park development and successfully won a signed contract with the City of New Orleans for a 57-acre park and a $100 bond offering. Presented to Industrial Development Board and successfully won approval with 8-2 votes. This was all completed in 2009.


2004 - 2004

Certification in Technology Commercialization

CalTech - Los Angeles, California

1988 - 1989

Master's Degree in Media and Information Systems

Universidad Iberoamericana - Mexico City, Mexico

1986 - 1988

Bachelor's Degree in History of Science and Technology

Loyola University - New Orleans, LA



Certified Meeting Planner



Management Certificate

Louisiana Association of Non-profit Organizations


Non-Profit Management

Greater New Orleans Foundation


Business Analysis



Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP)

Department of Commerce


Global Business

World Trade Center


New Product Development



Certified Medical Practice Executive

Medical Group Management Association


Diabetes Innovation

Joslin Diabetes Center


Certified Economic Developer



Series 7 - General Securities

Merrill Lynch


Series 66 - Securities Finance

Merrill Lynch


Health Insurance



Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute (PMI)


Real Estate