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Lucas Tomas Casas Arregui, Argentina

Member since October 11, 2013
Lucas is a strong, experienced developer and architect who has worked on a wide range of solutions including solid state, windowed, web MVC, and single page apps. He has developed and integrated solutions for manufacturing, VoIP, ad publishing, consumer experience, a... Click to continue

Goran Prijic, Serbia

Member since June 28, 2013
Goran is a web developer, architect, Scrum master, and entrepreneur. Creator of the Agile project management tool VivifyScrum.com, his primary goal is to help his clients create products that are valuable and useful to end users. He is dedicated and professional, del... Click to continue

Relja Damnjanovic, Serbia

Member since October 7, 2012
A computer science engineering graduate from the University of Belgrade with both corporate and freelance experience, Relja also runs his own web development company. He is strong both working in teams and individually, and is great at algorithm design/analysis as we... Click to continue

Maksym Slesarenko, Ukraine

Member since March 21, 2013
Maksym is a Zend Certified Engineer and Zend Framework Certified Engineer with the ability to develop efficient, scalable, and fault-tolerant solutions for complex problems. He has extensive experience with PHP, JavaScript, distributed Python, and client-server appli... Click to continue