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Timothy Mensch

An In-depth Look at C++ vs. Java

By Timothy Mensch
Deciding on a language can be intimidating when you don’t have deep experience with the available options. This comparison explores the fundamental differences between C++ and Java, and what to consider when choosing between them.
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Alain-Michel Chomnoue Nghemning

Reduce Boilerplate Code With Scala Macros and Quasiquotes

By Alain-Michel Chomnoue Nghemning
The concise syntax of Scala usually helps developers avoid writing boilerplate. When repetitive code is required anyway, developers can use macros and quasiquotes to keep code clean and maintainable. Here's how.
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Nikhil Bansal

Build with Confidence: A Guide to JUnit Tests

By Nikhil Bansal
In an age of continuous delivery, Java developers have to be confident that their changes don't break existing code, hence automated testing. There's more than one valid approach to it, but how can you keep them straight?
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Star Ford

The Dart Language: When Java and C# Aren't Sharp Enough

By Star Ford
Five years after Dart 1.0, Google's rewritten open-source language is attracting increasing numbers of developers. What do C# and Java developers need to know to get started with it?
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Simon Stratton

Supercharged Testing Tips for 2019: A Java Automation Testing Tutorial

By Simon Stratton
Test automation engineers continuously research the latest tools and techniques to ensure that their test automation framework stays fast, stable, and easy to use. In this article, Toptal Freelance Java Developer Simon Stratton will take a look at some tips that you can use to update your framework for 2019 by improving your use of Selenium Grid, Java’s wait function, and Chrome DevTools.
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Sergio Moretti

Using Spring Boot for OAuth2 and JWT REST Protection

By Sergio Moretti
REST APIs are used in every language and on every platform. Building a secure REST API is a must-have tool in every developer's arsenal. In this article, Toptal Freelance Java Developer Sergio Moretti shows how to secure a REST API using Spring Boot.
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Martin Coll

Hold the Framework: Exploring Dependency Injection Patterns

By Martin Coll
There are two dominant patterns of implementation for inversion of control. Which one is better, and is there a middle path to be found between them? How should you approach IoC to get the most out of your code? Join Toptal Java Developer Martin Coll in exploring the familiar and unknown landscape of IoC development.
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Bruno Leite

Guide to Spring Boot REST API Error Handling

By Bruno Leite
Spring Boot provides beneficial error messages to engineers building REST APIs. Yet, those messages are useless for the general API consumer. We provide a simple approach to improving this functionality.
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Dusan Simonovic

Get Started With Microservices: A Dropwizard Tutorial

By Dusan Simonovic
Dropwizard allows developers to quickly bootstrap their projects and package applications as easily deployable standalone services. It also happens to be relatively simple to use and implement. In this tutorial, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Dusan Simonovic will introduce you to Dropwizard and demonstrate how you can use this powerful framework to create RESTful web services with ease.
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