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Paul-Catalin Mestereaga

Magento Performance Optimization Explained

By Paul-Catalin Mestereaga
Magento is an extremely popular eCommerce platform used by businesses of all sizes, so what can we do to make it faster and more efficient? In this article, Toptal Freelance Magento Developer Paul Mestereaga explains what you can do to improve the performance of your Magento site.
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Daniel Cuevas Zamora

Intro to Magento: Navigating the Top eCommerce Ecosystem

By Daniel Cuevas Zamora
In this article, Toptal Freelance Magento Developer Daniel Cuevas Zamora gives a broad overview of one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and how to get started with it.
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Vivek Khatri

How to Create Custom Magento 2 Widgets

By Vivek Khatri
Widgets play a pivotal role in Magento development, as they’re often used to display targeted content and provide crucial front-end functionality. Magento 2 offers a lot of widget possibilities out of the box, and also allows developers to unlock more features using custom widgets. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Vivek Khatri provides an overview of widget implementation in Magento 2, starting with the basics and culminating in custom widget design.
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Andrew Hughes

Use Magento If You're Serious About eCommerce

By Andrew Hughes
You've heard that Magento is the eCommerce platform to use if you're serious about your business -- and you're serious about your business -- so you've decided on Magento. But do you know what you're getting into? In this post, Toptal Software Engineer Andrew Hughes walks us through the difference between WordPress WooCommerce and Magento. While Magento is the expert’s eCommerce platform of choice, it’s not always the right solution, depending on your client.
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