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Jade Russel Hancox

Quality Assurance Testing Perfected: A User Flow Tutorial

By Jade Russel Hancox
As products and services deploy faster and faster, quality assurance (QA) has to adapt and deliver more coverage in less time while maintaining high quality. In this article, Toptal Software Engineer Jade Russel Hancox examines how we can use the user flow to boost the speed and efficiency of QA processes without compromising on quality.
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Flavio Pezzini

7 Debugging Techniques To Speed Up Troubleshooting in Production

By Flavio Pezzini
Providing production support to an application is one of the most challenging aspects of software development. In this article, Toptal Freelance Java Developer Flavio Pezzini shows us techniques that can prevent bugs and make finding issues in production much faster.
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Jeffrey Shumaker

Guide To Budget-friendly Data Mining

By Jeffrey Shumaker
Although database programming does not evolve at nearly the same pace as traditional application programming, recent advancements in several fields are bringing new techniques and technologies within the reach of small and independent developers. In this guide, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Jeffrey Shumaker explains how developers can quickly and easily tap these methods to identify database issues they may not even be aware of, and how they can build excellent data mining tools without spending a lot on expensive software licenses.
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Sergey Kolodiy

Unit Testing and Coding: Why Testable Code Matters

By Sergey Kolodiy
In this article, I will show that unit testing itself is quite easy; the real problems that complicate unit testing, and introduce expensive complexity, are a result of poorly-designed, untestable code. We will discuss what makes code hard to test, which anti-patterns and bad practices we should avoid to improve testability, and what other benefits we can achieve by writing testable code. We will see that writing testable code is not just about making testing less troublesome, but about making the code itself more robust, and easier to maintain.
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Marko Vitas

Android Testing Tutorial: Unit Testing Like a True Green Droid

By Marko Vitas
The extremely diverse and fragmented Android ecosystem poses certain challenges when it comes to testing. In this article, we take a look at some approaches that can be effective with tackling these challenges and ease the process of writing and automating tests.
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