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Gurami Dagundaridze

Creating React Apps With Redux Toolkit and RTK Query

By Gurami Dagundaridze
Have you ever wanted to use Redux with features like React Query provides? Now you can, by using the Redux Toolkit and its latest addition: RTK Query. This article demonstrates how RTK Query is used in real-life scenarios, complete with detailed code examples.
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Teimur Gasanov

The Best React State Management Tools for Enterprise Applications

By Teimur Gasanov
State management in React has been a hotly debated topic for years, yet little attention seems to be paid to enterprise-level applications and their specific requirements. Let’s take a closer look and compare three of the most popular state management tools available today.
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Sourabh Verma

Building Reactive Apps with Redux, RxJS, and Redux-Observable in React Native

By Sourabh Verma
While Redux is a great state management solution, it doesn’t support asynchronous behavior by default. A way around this is to use redux-observable, based on RxJS - a powerful library for reactive programming in JavaScript.
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Luke Tomlin

Top-level Control With Redux State Management: A ClojureScript Tutorial

By Luke Tomlin
ClojureScript is the tool of choice for front-end developers who have tried it. Recently in this series, we showed how to use it to get started with React. In today's tutorial, Toptal Freelance Clojure Developer Luke Tomlin dives into how to use Redux for React state management in ClojureScript.
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Shaojiang Cai

Hot Module Replacement in Redux

By Shaojiang Cai
Hot module replacement is one of the most useful features offered by Webpack. It allows all kinds of modules, including JSON, CSS, and JS files, to be updated at runtime without needing a full refresh. In this article, Toptal Freelance JavaScript Developer Shaojiang Cai demonstrates how to use Hot Module Replacement in Redux.
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David Xu

Immutability in JavaScript Using Redux

By David Xu
In an ever growing ecosystem of rich and complicated JavaScript applications, there’s more state to be managed than ever before: the current user, the list of posts loaded, etc.Managing state can be hard and error prone, but immutability and Redux- a predictable state container for JavaScript apps- can help significantly. In this article, Toptal Programmer David Xu talks about managing state using immutability with Redux, a predictable state container.
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Ivan Rogic

React, Redux, and Immutable.js: Ingredients for Efficient Web Applications

By Ivan Rogic
Unlike most front-end web frameworks, React's aim is to solve the various challenges of building user interfaces that rely on changing data. Although React is a simple JavaScript library and is easy to get started with, it is still possible to misuse it in ways that deny the web app from reaping the benefits that React has to offer. In this article, Toptal engineer Ivan Rogic demonstrates the synergy of React, Redux and Immutable.js, and shows how these libraries together can solve many performance issues that are often encountered in large web applications.
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