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Filip Defar

How to Approach SVG Animations in CSS

By Filip Defar
Animations make websites look more polished and exciting, and help improve user experience. Explore how the combined potential of SVG and CSS can be leveraged to create animations without relying on external libraries.
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Juan Calou

A How-to Guide to SVG Animation

By Juan Calou
The advantages of SVG on the web go beyond producing resolution-independent graphics. With a little CSS and JavaScript, you can apply cool animations and effects to your front end without requiring the user to install bulky plugins.
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Anton Shkuratov

SVG Text Tutorial: Text Annotation on the Web

By Anton Shkuratov
Texts are an integral part of user interfaces. In many cases, text annotation plays a vital role in grabbing the user’s attention or allowing the user to decorate and highlight the content they produce. In this article, we walk through the ins and outs of an open-source JavaScript library built for annotating texts on the web.
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