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Alan James Sebring, United States

freelance software delivery project manager
Alan is a business-driven director, consultant, coach, and technical project manager. He has worked with organizations of all sizes to clarify how they define business value and then helped them unlock more by leveraging Lean-Agile and traditional project management ... Click to continue

Erin Stewart, Virgin Islands, U.S.

freelance software delivery project manager
Erin is an Agile product management and product design leader who has led a variety of cross-device/responsive projects in eCommerce, B2C, and B2B organizations. She is experienced working with dispersed teams for organizations ranging from pre-funding startups to la... Click to continue

Jon Thomas, United States

freelance software delivery project manager
Jon is an experienced project manager and scrum master of 19 years spread across the insurance, telecommunications, and healthcare industries. He has a strong passion for leadership, with significant experience in several delivery methodologies including agile, wate... Click to continue

Audrius Zujus, Lithuania

freelance software delivery project manager
Audrius is an experienced technical project manager and a CTO. As a contractor, he has worked with Uber, Swedbank, Deloitte, Samsung, SAAB, and Leonardo. While at Deloitte, he worked with Rolls-Royce, Diageo, Deutsche Bank, Clydesdale Bank, Warner Bros, John Lewis, W... Click to continue

Sunita Guyadeen, United States

freelance software delivery project manager
Sunita is a hands-on technical project manager with over 20 years of expertise in results-driven execution and delivery in the IoT, digital, CRM, Data, and ERP spaces across public and private sector organizations. She is versed in all aspects of hardware, software, ... Click to continue

Harut Poghosyan, United States

freelance software delivery project manager
Harut is a multifunctional project manager and an experienced agile team leader and scrum master. His background features experience with startups where he has led go-to-market programs including development of MVP, beta, and launch. He is an expert in product lifecy... Click to continue

Goran Bokun, Croatia

freelance software delivery project manager
Goran has worked at both large corporations and small startups, as a developer, consultant, and project and product manager. He has coordinated both small and complex projects in both resource-starved and glutted environments. He specializes in ERP, billing, CRM, int... Click to continue

Miroslav Anicin, Serbia

freelance software delivery project manager
Miroslav has led teams and departments with 50+ members through Agile transformation at telco, bank, and other organizations, and has led up to five concurrent teams with as many as 35 developers on their path out of troubled eCommerce projects and on their way to be... Click to continue

Celso Pinto, United Kingdom

freelance software delivery project manager
A skilled operator with 20 years of experience in the software industry, Celso has deep experience in managing projects in SaaS companies and regulated (eg. FinTech) industries. Having worked with engineering teams and senior management in successfully adopting Agile... Click to continue