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The Mistakes Most Swift Developers Don't Know They're Making

by Nilson Souto

Swift is the new programming language created to be a modern replacement for Objective-C in iOS and OS X application development. In general, a skilled Swift developer is usually someone who is already experienced with Objective-C, and that, among other things, might lead them to write Swift code using Objective-C best practices, which can cause some bad mistakes. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Nilson Souto outlines the most common mistakes Swift developers should be aware of.

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The 10 Most Common Mistakes iOS Developers Don't Know They're Making

by Nikita Tuk

Apple's iOS is the second-largest mobile operating system in the world. It also has a very high adoption rate, with more than 85 percent of users on the latest version. These highly engaged users have high expectations: If your app has bugs, you'll hear about it. And once the one-star reviews start rolling in, it's hard to recover. In this article, Toptal Software Engineer Nikita Tuk outlines the 10 most common mistakes that developers make—and how to avoid them.

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Apple Watch in a Nutshell: A Feature Introduction for iOS Developers

by Antonio Bello

Apple has released a fully functional WatchKit and SDK that enables iOS developers with all the tools to start building their Apple Watch applications. This article provides quick overview of the Apple Watch functionalities from a developers perspective.

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Learning Swift Programming: Is it Ready for Prime Time?

by Joshua Ballanco

Since Apple's launch of Swift this past June, many iOS developers have been struggling with the question of if, how, and when to transition from Objective-C to Swift. This article explores some important points to consider before jumping into Swift development.

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An iOS Developer’s Guide: From Objective-C to Learning Swift

by Marco Mustapic

After 6 years of improving and working on Objective-C, Apple decided to throw another challenge at developers. Once again, iOS developers will need to learn a new programming language: Swift. Swift 1.0 is already a stable and strong development platform, which is sure to evolve in interesting ways over the coming years. It is a perfect moment to start exploring this new language, as it is the future of iOS development.

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