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Ask a Security Engineer: From DevSecOps to Cloud Security

By Gökay Pekşen

Security engineering is a fast-moving field, and getting left behind is not an option. This ask-me-anything-style Q&A covers compliance frameworks, security checks, and the importance of a DevSecOps approach.

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Ask a Cybersecurity Engineer: Trending Questions About AI in Cybersecurity

By Ilia Tivin

In this ask-me-anything-style Q&A, leading Toptal cybersecurity expert Ilia Tivin responds to colleagues’ questions on AI in cybersecurity and provides data and network protection tips and best practices.

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Keep It Encrypted, Keep It Safe: Working with ESNI, DoH, and DoT

By Brian Wojtczak

Internet privacy's cutting-edge technology includes encrypted server name indication (ESNI) and encrypted DNS in the form of DNS over HTTPS (DoH). Find out what they are, why they exist, and how they work.

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Cold War Tech: It’s Still Here, And Still Being Used

By Nermin Hajdarbegovic

The long-term effect of the Cold War on science and technology is more profound than Nena’s 99 Luftbalons, or any Oliver Stone Vietnam flick. If you are reading this, you’re already using Cold War technology; The Internet. That’s not all. A lot of tech and infrastructure we take for granted was developed, or at least conceived, during these tumultuous decades.

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Biometric Security—the Key to Passwordless Authentication or a Fad?

By Nermin Hajdarbegović

Passwordless authentication has been the Holy Grail of security for years, but progress has been painfully slow. Until a few years ago, the technology to implement passwordless logins on a grand scale simply wasn’t available. However, the industry juggernaut is slowly but surely changing this. There are a few technical, legal and even ethical considerations to take into account, but be as it may, biometric, passwordless authentication is here to stay.

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10 Common Web Security Vulnerabilities

By Gergely Kalman

Don't wait for a data breach to happen before making security a priority. This article explains how to set up a proactive web app defense and avoid the top 10 most common security pitfalls.

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