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Master Hot Design Trends with These Photoshop Tutorials

by Miklos Philips

Visual design experiments often become popular design trends and suddenly they are seen everywhere. Here are a number of hot graphic design trends and some of the top tutorials on how to create them.

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A Step-by-step Guide to Creating Animated Product Explainer Videos

by Matt Barringer

In this tutorial, we will give a simple breakdown of the steps that you need to create an animated explainer video like the slick masterpieces built by Slack.

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How to Create Custom Fonts: 7 Steps and 3 Case Studies

by Micah Bowers

Learn to turn Comic Sans and other hated fonts into beautiful logotypes in seven easy steps.

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The 11 Photoshop Plugins That Made Me a Better Designer

by Michael Abehsera

Despite Photoshop's unparalleled feature set, everyone has a few extra things that they wish the product could do. Fortunately, there is a rich community of third-party developers who are regularly pumping out fantastic plugins and extensions to make you a better designer.

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To Designers With Love (A Letter From a Front-end Developer)

by Vedran Aberle Tokić

If you’re a veteran frontender, you’ve probably had some not-so-great experiences with designers, and chances are some designers have had an equally bad experience working with you. How can you make sure you get exactly what you need from your designer, without placing an undue burden on them? It’s a tall order, but in this article Freelance Software Engineer Vedran Aberle Tokic outlines and addresses a number of potential issues that may become roadblocks for your execution. Implementing these suggestions may result in overhead for designers, but they can save enormous amounts of time and headache elsewhere.

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