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Giorgi Bakradze

How to Choose the Best Front-end Framework

By Giorgi Bakradze

Is there really an ultimate JavaScript front-end framework? Maybe there isn’t, but there is a way to choose the best front-end framework for your web project.

In this article, JavaScript developer Giorgi Bakradze takes a look at four of the most popular frameworks from five important aspects to help you determine which one is the best fit for your project’s needs.

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Eduardo Bautista

Meet Phoenix: A Rails-like Framework for Modern Web Apps on Elixir

By Eduardo Bautista

In back-end software development, increased productivity often comes at the cost of performance. In this article, Toptal Software Engineer Eduardo Bautista shows us how the Phoenix framework builds on the familiar concepts from the Rails world, and makes it even easier to build robust concurrent applications without compromising performance.

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Gregor Ambrozic

Why Should Java Developers Give Grails a Chance?

By Gregor Ambrozic

Java may have stood the test of time, but it can still be a source of great frustration among many web developers. Dealing with its verbosity and infrastructure overhead, for example, can take hours, even for the most basic needs.

In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Gregor Ambrozic shows us how Grails and its many appealing features can be a viable alternative to traditional Java web applications frameworks.

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Jovan Jovanovic

Let LoopBack Do It: A Walkthrough of the Node API Framework You've Been Dreaming Of

By Jovan Jovanovic

While Ruby has Rails and Python has Django, the dominant application development framework for Node has yet to be established. But, there is a powerful contender gaining steam: LoopBack, an open source API framework built by StrongLoop, the creators of Express.

Let’s take a closer look at LoopBack and it’s capabilities by turning everything into practice and building an example application.

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