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Will Beddow

Code Writing Code: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Modern Metaprogramming

By Will Beddow
With a tour that includes Julia, Rust, and more, dive into the fascinating world of metaprogramming and get a taste for its history, common forms (such as macros), importance, and potential future.
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Peter Suggate

WebAssembly/Rust Tutorial: Pitch-perfect Audio Processing

By Peter Suggate
WebAssembly gives near-native performance to web apps and allows languages other than JavaScript—plus their libraries—to be used on the web. This tutorial leverages Rust and the Web Audio API to make a basic guitar tuner app that runs at 60 FPS, even on mobile.
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Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus

Eliminating the Garbage Collector: The RAII Way

By Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus
Manual memory management is a nightmare that programmers have been inventing ways to avoid since the invention of the compiler. Programming languages with garbage collectors make life easier, but at the cost of performance. In this article, Toptal engineer Peter Goodspeed-Niklaus gives us a peek into the history of garbage collectors and explains how notions of ownership and borrowing can help eliminate garbage collectors without compromising their safety guarantees.
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