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Timofey Bugaevsky

Acing Google's PageSpeed Insights Assessment

By Timofey Bugaevsky
Page speed is an important ranking attribute for search engines, making performance optimization a prerequisite for successful sites. Here's how Google PageSpeed Insights can help identify and rectify performance issues.
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Vineet Markan

React SEO Strategies and Best Practices

By Vineet Markan
While React is often lauded for making front-end development more efficient, this popular library can be problematic for search engines. In this article, Toptal data visualization engineer Vineet Markan examines why React is challenging for SEO and outlines what software engineers can do to improve the search rankings of React websites.
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Demir Selmanovic

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Web Developers Make: A Tutorial for Developers

By Demir Selmanovic
Today we have thousands of digital and printed resources that provide step-by-step instructions about developing all kinds of different web applications. Development environments are "smart" enough to catch and fix many mistakes that early developers battled with regularly. There are even many different development platforms that easily turn simple static HTML pages into highly interactive applications. All of these development patterns, practices, and platforms share common ground, and they are all prone to similar mistakes caused by the very nature of web applications.
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