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Andrew Bellay, United States

Healthcare Product Manager
Andrew is an experienced product manager and inherently curious, strategic, and process-oriented entrepreneur. He has two engineering degrees, and a liberal arts degree from Stanford and UT Austin. He was trained in human-centered design by the founders of IDEO. ... Click to continue

Sivasundar Natarajan, Germany

Healthcare Product Manager
Sivasundar has a decade of experience as a product manager within UX, technology, and business industries. He has a computer engineering degree and an MBA, and he is skilled in a variety of methodologies and software. Click to continue

David Britton, United States

Healthcare Product Manager
Dave takes a customer & hypothesis-driven approach in defining, validating, and scaling compelling products. He's led mobile/web products in fintech, SaaS, eCommerce, adtech, and marketplaces. Skilled in strategy (differentiation, growth, monetization), planning (roa... Click to continue

Jessica Brim, United States

Healthcare Product Manager
Jessica has more than 15 years of experience leading new product development and design startups and Fortune 50 companies. She excels at leading cross-functional teams and creating rapid adoption for new systems. She has also been a product lead for offerings in heal... Click to continue

Bridget McMullan, United States

Healthcare Product Manager
Bridget is a Scrum Certified Product Leader with over ten years of experience in successfully developing software and hardware products and services. Her expertise lies in both startups and Fortune 500 companies with a product master's degree from Northwestern Unive... Click to continue

Carlos molina del rio, Spain

Healthcare Product Manager
Carlos has more than 15 years leading and inspiring teams through conception, experimentation, technical development, and launch of next-generation products based on data and machine learning. He has a 360-degree view spanning tech, operations, marketing, customer re... Click to continue

Andy Shanks, United Kingdom

Healthcare Product Manager
Andy's been collaborating with visionary and creative teams to make ideas happen for over 15 years. He's launched a DJ brand at Pro-Audio, worked in digital advertising as a project manager, at Google as a producer, Red Bull as a digital manager and founded a digital... Click to continue

Terrance Holbrook, United States

Healthcare Product Manager
Terrance is a tenacious, curious, problem solver with 20+ years in solution development servicing many industries including manufacturing, life sciences, and finance. He aspires to find the simplicity hidden within the complex. Skilled in user experience research, ne... Click to continue

Roi Ayon, Israel

Healthcare Product Manager
With a Master's degree of science in industrial engineering, and a background in technology and design, Roi spent over six years simplifying multi-dimensional products and enhancing user experience on web and mobile platforms. Working with startup and enterprises, he... Click to continue

Quinn Ellerbeck, Canada

Healthcare Product Manager
Quinn is a senior product leader with ten years of experience driving the development of new tech products across enterprise and consumer markets, working with both Fortune 100 and startup firms. He brings a versatile skill set that spans product strategy through to ... Click to continue

Cristian Ureche, Romania

Healthcare Product Manager
Cristian is an IT professional with exposure to an international-business-and-academic environment. He’s pragmatic, so he takes a hands-on approach to solving customers’ pain points. He’s passionate about cognitive computing and has worked with global corporations an... Click to continue