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Building Simple and Efficient Components With React-Bootstrap

Mobile web traffic is booming, making responsive website development more important than ever. Leverage the power of two popular technologies with the React-Bootstrap library for performant, responsive components.

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Matej Bilić

Matej Bilić

What Is Bootstrap? Effortless Responsive Sites With Bootstrap Web Development

You’ve heard of Bootstrap, but what is Bootstrap, exactly? A powerful collection of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tools, it makes responsive web development easy. Get started with the basics of Bootstrap.

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Tomislav Bacinger

Tomislav Bacinger

One of the most misused, misunderstood, and neglected of all the Rails built-in structures is the view helper. Helpers often get a bad reputation for being a dumping ground for one-off methods used across the entire application’s view layer. But what if your helpers could be more semantic, better organized, and even reusable across projects? What if they could be more than just one-off functions sprinkled throughout the view, but powerful methods that generated complex markup with ease leaving your views free of conditional logic and code?

Let’s see how to do this when building an image carousel, with the familiar Twitter Bootstrap framework and some good old-fashioned object-oriented programming.

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Carlos Ramirez III

Carlos Ramirez III

Speeding up Application Development With Bootstrap

Bootstrap, one of the most used HTML/CSS/JavaScript front-end frameworks, offers a little more than just fancy customizable user interface elements. It provides a great starting point for many types of projects, a plethora of components, and many nifty styles predefined for responsive layout and utility classes to help keep your HTML and CSS code clean.

In this article, Toptal designer Lijana Saniukaite walks us through some practical Bootstrap tips and best practices to speed up your application development.

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Lijana Saniukaite

Lijana Saniukaite

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