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Timothy Mensch

An In-depth Look at C++ vs. Java

By Timothy Mensch
Deciding on a language can be intimidating when you don’t have deep experience with the available options. This comparison explores the fundamental differences between C++ and Java, and what to consider when choosing between them.
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Jakiša Tomić

C# vs. C++: What’s at the Core?

By Jakiša Tomić
C# and C++ share a similar syntax but cater to different requirements, so which should you focus on? This article examines each language’s features and weighs the pros and cons.
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Jakiša Tomić

Stork, Part 4: Implementing Statements and Wrapping Up

By Jakiša Tomić
The development of our lightweight programming language created in C++ is nearing completion and we can finally see it in action. In the final part of our Stork series, Toptal Full-stack Developer Jakisa Tomic explains how to implement statements, tuples, and modules.
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Jakiša Tomić

Stork, Part 3: Implementing Expressions and Variables

By Jakiša Tomić
Developing a new programming language from scratch tends to create unique challenges, followed by unconventional solutions that may go against some programming dogmas. In Part 3 of our Stork series, Toptal Full-stack Developer Jakisa Tomic elaborates on how C++ macros can help and why expression implementation might not be as straightforward as expected.
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Jakiša Tomić

Stork, Part 2: Creating an Expression Parser

By Jakiša Tomić
Would you rather develop a statically or dynamically typed programming language? How would you devise your expression parser? In the second part of our Stork series, Toptal Full-stack Developer Jakisa Tomic outlines his preferred approach and demonstrates how you can create a functional expression parser.
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Jakiša Tomić

Stork: How to Make a Programming Language in C++

By Jakiša Tomić
Did you ever consider creating your very own programming language, either as a result of necessity or professional curiosity? In part one of our series, Toptal Full-stack Developer Jakisa Tomic takes the first steps toward creating a lightweight scripting language written in C++.
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Ivan Voras

Working with ESP32 Audio Sampling

By Ivan Voras
The successor of the revolutionary ESP8266, the ESP32 is a next-generation microcontroller. Find out how to sample its analog-to-digital converter (ADC) from a timer interrupt using the Arduino IDE.
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Andrei Smirnov

The Missing Article About Qt Multithreading in C++

By Andrei Smirnov
C++ developers strive to build robust multithreaded applications, but multithreading was never an easy thing to do. In this article, Toptal Freelance Qt Developer Andrei Smirnov talks about several scenarios exploring concurrent programming with the Qt framework.
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Michael Truog

Modernizing Legacy Software: MUD Programming Using Erlang and CloudI

By Michael Truog
The need to adapt legacy code and systems to meet modern day performance and processing demands is widespread. This post provides a case study of the use of Erlang and CloudI to adapt legacy code, consisting of a decades-old collection of multi-user game software written in C, to the 21st century.
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