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Bo Vandersteene

How to Hire Angular Developers: Key Skills and Knowledge to Look For

By Bo Vandersteene
Many developers looking for their next gig claim to have experience with Google’s popular front-end framework. Here, international Angular coach Bo Vandersteene tells hiring managers how to separate the best from the rest.
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Ryan J. Peterson

The 10 Most Common JavaScript Issues Developers Face

By Ryan J. Peterson
At first, JavaScript may seem quite simple. Yet the language is significantly more nuanced, powerful, and complex than one would initially be led to believe. Many of JavaScript's subtleties lead to a number of common problems—10 of which we discuss here—that keep code from behaving as intended. It's important to be aware of and avoid these pitfalls in one's quest to become a master JavaScript developer.
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Rudolf Eremyan

Efficiency at Scale: A Tale of AWS Cost Optimization

By Rudolf Eremyan
Understanding total spend is a common challenge for cloud users, especially on projects with complex pricing models. This article explores the top AWS cost optimizations that will help you scale your platform effectively.
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Brian Wojtczak

Keep It Encrypted, Keep It Safe: Working with ESNI, DoH, and DoT

By Brian Wojtczak
Internet privacy's cutting-edge technology includes encrypted server name indication (ESNI) and encrypted DNS in the form of DNS over HTTPS (DoH). Find out what they are, why they exist, and how they work.
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Kevin Bloch

Haxe Review: Haxe 4 Features and Strengths

By Kevin Bloch
The quietly growing number of serious Haxe projects have something new to contend with: the first major compiler release in over three years. What does Haxe 4 bring to the table?
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Ilya Chernov

Optimizing Website Performance and Critical Rendering Path

By Ilya Chernov
Does your web page’s rendering performance meet today’s standards? Bad rendering performance can translate into a relatively high bounce rate. In this article, Toptal Freelance Web Developer Ilya Chernov explores the things that can lead to high rendering times, and how to fix them.
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Brian Wojtczak

Performance and Efficiency: Working with HTTP/3

By Brian Wojtczak
HTTP/3 is on the horizon, but many aren't even familiar with HTTP/2 yet. Find out what HTTP/3 means for web development, administration, and the internet.
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Seva Safris

A Deep Look at JSON vs. XML, Part 3: XML and the Future of JSON

By Seva Safris
In Part 1 and 2, we took a closer look at the evolution of the web, how XML and JSON arose, and the differences between the two standards. In this final part of our series on JSON vs. XML, Toptal Freelance Full-stack Developer Seva Safris looks at XML as a data interchange format and how well it supports complex requirements. And finally, he will discuss the future of JSON as well as explore solutions that bring the strengths of XML to JSON.
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Seva Safris

A Deep Look At JSON vs. XML, Part 2: The Strengths and Weaknesses of Both

By Seva Safris
Nearly all computer applications rely on either JSON or XML. Today, JSON has overtaken XML, but is it better? In part 1 of this series on JSON vs. XML, we take a closer look at the history of the web to uncover the original purpose of XML and JSON and analyze how JSON became the popular choice.
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