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Well-structured Logic: A Golang OOP Tutorial

by Leonhard Holz

Can Golang be object-oriented? Go is post-OOP but can still leverage concepts like binding functions to types (aka classes), constructors, subtyping, polymorphism, dependency injection, and testing with mocks.

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Flexible A/B Testing with AWS [email protected]

by Georgios Boutsioukis

One of the new possibilities offered by [email protected] is the ability to implement server-side A/B testing using Lambdas on CloudFront’s edge servers. In this article, Toptal Full-stack Developer Georgios Boutsioukis guides you through the process and outlines the pros and cons of A/B testing with [email protected]

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Stars Realigned: Improving the IMDb Rating System

by Juan Manuel Ortiz de Zarate

IMDb ratings have genre bias: For example, dramas tend to score higher. Removing common feature bias and keeping unique characteristics, it's possible to create a new, refined score based on IMDb information.

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Stork, Part 4: Implementing Statements and Wrapping Up

by Jakisa Tomic

The development of our lightweight programming language created in C++ is nearing completion and we can finally see it in action. In the final part of our Stork series, Toptal Full-stack Developer Jakisa Tomic explains how to implement statements, tuples, and modules.

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Stork, Part 3: Implementing Expressions and Variables

by Jakisa Tomic

Developing a new programming language from scratch tends to create unique challenges, followed by unconventional solutions that may go against some programming dogmas. In Part 3 of our Stork series, Toptal Full-stack Developer Jakisa Tomic elaborates on how C++ macros can help and why expression implementation might not be as straightforward as expected.

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The Need for Speed: A Toptal JavaScript Coding Challenge Retrospective

by Eva Bojorges Rodriguez

Toptal's JavaScript Speed Coding Challenge invited creative solutions from the beginning. As the week played out, competitors got closer and closer to the maximum theoretical score. Then something unexpected happened...

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Stork, Part 2: Creating an Expression Parser

by Jakisa Tomic

Would you rather develop a statically or dynamically typed programming language? How would you devise your expression parser? In the second part of our Stork series, Toptal Full-stack Developer Jakisa Tomic outlines his preferred approach and demonstrates how you can create a functional expression parser.

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Stork: How to Make a Programming Language in C++

by Jakisa Tomic

Did you ever consider creating your very own programming language, either as a result of necessity or professional curiosity? In part one of our series, Toptal Full-stack Developer Jakisa Tomic takes the first steps toward creating a lightweight scripting language written in C++.

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