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Building an Innovative Tech Startup From Scratch Using Lean Methodology

By Givi Beridze

This practical guide to building a tech startup focuses on the necessary milestones for success, including defining a problem, validating your ideas, building an MVP, and scaling your product.

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Perfect Pizza: Using a Digital Customer Research Tool to Measure Taste

By Anna Shcherbakova

Customer research in the food sector is expensive and time-consuming. Here’s how one global pizza company used its own food-ordering app to get new levels of insight into its products—for free.

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How to Navigate Fintech Regulations in Product Development

By Purva Tamhankar

Regulations can present a big challenge for fintech product managers. Build compliance into your development process from the start, with these tips from a leading financial product manager.

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How to Reduce UX Friction in Secure Product Development

By Leor Hurwitz

Prioritizing data security often comes at the expense of a good UX. To balance client needs with user preferences, product managers must use research, constant calibration, and a dose of creativity.

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