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Increase Developer Productivity With Generative AI: Tips From Leading Software Engineers

By Sam Sycamore

Generative AI is revolutionizing how software developers write code. In this article, three Toptal developers share how they’re using Gen AI in their daily work and offer actionable advice for others who want to utilize this nascent technology.

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Apple M1 Processor Overview and Compatibility

By Nermin Hajdarbegović

The Apple M1 processor represents a significant step forward for Apple, but what does it mean for developers, designers, and other professionals using Apple hardware? In this article, Toptal Engineering Blog Editor Nermin Hajdarbegovic outlines what makes the M1 different and what professionals need to keep in mind should they choose to upgrade their hardware.

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The Definitive Guide to DateTime Manipulation

By Punit Jajodia

Time and date manipulation is notoriously difficult. Developers encountering time zone rules, leap seconds, differences in locale-specific formatting are wise to resort to popular time and date manipulation libraries. But without thinking about how exactly they work, it's still easy to create all sorts of obscure bugs.

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Using the Radical Candor Framework for Effective Engineering Management

By Peter Varhol

One tool that managers can consider adding to their management skill set is a practice called Radical Candor. Radical Candor is the ability to care emotionally about the engineer as an individual and valued contributor, while also expressing honesty concerning their efforts and results achieved by those efforts.

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Well-structured Logic: A Golang OOP Tutorial

By Leonhard Holz

Can Golang be object-oriented? Go is post-OOP but can still leverage concepts like binding functions to types (aka classes), constructors, subtyping, polymorphism, dependency injection, and testing with mocks.

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A Software Defined Radio Tutorial: Images From the International Space Station and Listening to Hams With an RTL-SDR

By Amin Shah Gilani

Radio has used fundamentally the same technology since Marconi’s experiments in 1895. However, improved circuit design and signal processing techniques have allowed us to transmit much more and much farther out than before. In this article, with a laptop and less than $30 worth of equipment, we’ll capture images transmitted from the International Space Station and listen to amateur radio conversations at a local repeater.

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Innovation With Life-critical Systems

By Kyle Kotowick, Ph.D.

When complex systems are life-critical, it can be extremely difficult to modernize and upgrade them safely. While many engineers will never work on such systems, there is much to be learned from those who do. In this article, Toptal Solutions Architect Dr. Kyle Kotowick explains how to properly maintain and update systems that are too important to fail.

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A Vital Guide to Qmake

By Andrei Smirnov

Qmake is a build system tool shipped with Qt library that simplifies the build process across different platforms. In this guide, Freelance Qt Developer Andrei Smirnov describes the most useful qmake features and provides real-world examples for each of them.

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Command Line Tools for Developers

By Piotr Gaczkowski

In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Piotr Gaczkowski explains how to make the most out of command line tools and lists some of the best tools out there.

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