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Asad Jibran Ahmed

Hybrid Power: Flutter Advantages and Benefits

By Asad Jibran Ahmed
Google's Flutter framework has quickly caught on among developers who want to target Android and iOS from the same codebase—and businesses who know the value of a single project team yielding presence in both markets.
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Aleksandr Gaidukov

How to Approach Wrappers for Swift Properties

By Aleksandr Gaidukov
A property wrapper is a generic structure that encapsulates read and write access to the property and adds additional behavior to it. We use it if we need to constrain the available property values, add extra logic to the read/write access (like using databases or user defaults), or add some additional methods. In this article, Toptal Freelance iOS Developer Alexander Gaidukov demonstrates Swift 5.1’s new @propertyWrapper annotation—a more elegant solution.
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Matthew Knippen

Make Your App Profitable, Part 2 – Harnessing the Mobile Funnel

By Matthew Knippen
Subscription-based apps need a special approach when it comes to analytics. Learn how a variation on the traditional sales funnel helps you work with LTV, subscriber retention, and churn rates to make your app better—and more profitable.
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Martin Doychev

Avoiding Bad Practices in iOS and Android Design

By Martin Doychev
In an era of cross-platform mobile development, it is crucial to understand the specifics of different operating systems and hardware. In this article, Mobile Developer Martin Doychev lists a number of bad practices employed while creating apps for iOS and Android and explains what you should and shouldn’t do.
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George Vashakidze

How to Create a Swipeable UITabBar From the Ground Up

By George Vashakidze
Apple’s iOS SDK features a bevy of built-in UI components, but what happens when you decide you need a bit more? What if you need to create a swipeable UITabBar? In this post, Toptal iOS Developer George Vashakidze explains how he tried using a third-party library, and why he chose to create his own solution instead.
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Matthew Knippen

Make Your App Profitable: Leverage Mobile Analytics

By Matthew Knippen
Building a mobile app isn't cheap—and the harsh reality is that most apps fail. Find out how to leverage fundamental analytics metrics to make sure your app actually turns a profit.
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George Vashakidze

How to Implement T9 Search in iOS

By George Vashakidze
T9 predictive text has been around for ages, and it lost relevance with the advent of modern smartphones. However, T9 can still be a useful addition to certain types of apps on iOS. In this article, Toptal Swift Developer George Vashakidze explains why T9 can still be useful and practical, and how you can add it to your next iOS app.
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Bassam Seif

Build a QR Scanner: A React Native Camera Tutorial

By Bassam Seif
Cross-platform mobile apps are increasingly being built with React Native. But how can you scan for QR codes and augment the user's camera view when they're present?
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Lucas van Dongen

Working With Static Patterns: A Swift MVVM Tutorial

By Lucas van Dongen
Real-time data-driven apps create new challenges in the way we structure our programs, especially on mobile. In this article, Toptal Freelance iOS Developer Lucas van Dongen implements an iOS chat app, comparing the classic MVC approach with a static immutable MVVM pattern.
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