Erik Stettler Joins Toptal as Chief Economist


NEW YORK, February 18, 2020Toptal® has named Erik Stettler its Chief Economist, announcing a role that will advance research and thought leadership on the Talent Economy. Toptal, an elite network of the world’s top talent in business, design, and technology, enables companies to scale their teams, on demand.

Stettler most recently served as founding partner of Firstrock Capital, building and overseeing a portfolio of 50 tech startups for the global venture capital fund. Stettler only invested in companies that embraced global recruiting and remote work, an approach that he described as investing in talent, not real estate.

Eric Stettler

“In the past, every major economic shift revolved around a key resource – that used to mean natural resources or industrial capacity. Now, thanks to technology, the key resource is human capital – the people of the world and their talent and ingenuity,” Stettler said, describing the changing landscape of work he’ll explore at Toptal. “The endgame is that we achieve a world where any person from any place has a chance to provide value to their fullest potential in the global economy.”

Stettler himself is a longtime member of the Toptal talent network. “I’m awed by the quality of the talent and companies that Toptal has brought together,” he said of his time as a freelancer. “In my new role, I’m eager to help organizations understand the importance and value of on-demand global talent.”

Taso Du Val, CEO of Toptal, welcomed Stettler’s contributions to the company’s leadership in the Talent Economy and the realm of remote work. “I’m honored that Erik, a well-respected thought leader in economics and the distributed workforce, has joined our team,” Du Val said. “Our vision is to be the greatest talent company in the world, and this new role will help us achieve that.”

Stettler, who previously worked as a data scientist and financial economist, has helped the global financial community respond to major market upheavals. He specializes in the dynamics of extreme risk and reward for startups and large companies seeking to reinvent themselves. Stettler earned an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.

“I look forward to bringing actionable insights to companies seeking to transform their competitiveness using talent and technology and to people looking to transform their lives and careers,” Stettler said. “With the unmatched community of experts that Toptal – and its new site – have assembled, I’m sure we’ll accomplish wonderful things together.”

About Erik Stettler

Erik Stettler, a data scientist and Harvard MBA with distinction, is Chief Economist for Toptal. Previously, he co-founded a global venture capital fund and has invested into 50 tech companies. He previously led analyses for cases including restructurings of $3 billion in global subsidiaries and M&A deals worth over $10 billion.

About Toptal

Toptal is an elite network of the world’s top talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams, on demand. Toptal serves over 10,000 clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, delivering expertise and world-class solutions at an unparalleled success rate. For more information, please visit Toptal®.

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