Toptal Fills Automotive Industry’s Need for Software Developers as They Move to the Emerging Mobility Industry

SAN FRANCISCO and DETROIT – September 21, 2017 – Toptal, the leading on-demand talent company that provides high-skilled labor to companies, has launched its new Automotive & Mobility Practice.

The custom tailored initiative will fill the automotive industry’s extreme high-skilled talent gap by infusing it with on-demand access to software developers, data scientists, and UX/UI designers versed in the leading technologies that enable the next generation of connected, self-driving vehicles and personalized mobility services.

“We know that the largest pain point for automakers and suppliers today is the scarcity of software developers and designers,” said Jennifer Johnson, the recently appointed director of Automotive & Mobility for Toptal. “We’re taking the Toptal platform that has already proven itself in the technology space to help automakers and suppliers access the talent they need, providing the flexibility, speed, and scalability required to succeed.”

This new initiative builds off of a recent success when Toptal’s software designers embedded with Bridgestone to help streamline their tire retreading process by creating a digitization solution.

“Toptal gave us access to the best designers out there and they’re not easy to find,” said Thierry Jakircevic, Bridgestone’s general manager of Digital Solutions. “The solution required a lot of thought around design process—user interface, user experiments, that’s why we chose Toptal.”

One such software designer in the Toptal network is Melissa Quintanilha, a former award-winning senior UX designer at Microsoft with over 15 years of design experience, having designed cutting edge cross-platform interactive applications in a wide range of domains, including automotive, IoT, healthcare, social, and IT management.

Toptal has already worked with tier one auto suppliers to design, prototype, and develop innovative technologies and is currently working out proof of concept projects with a number of other forward-thinking automakers, suppliers, and consulting firms.

According to Johnson, this model has led Toptal to become the largest distributed workforce in the world with annual revenues exceeding $100 million and growing at approximately 300 percent over the prior two years.

Toptal attracts the best talent across software development, design, and business. Applicants undergo a rigorous screening process that accepts less than three percent of applicants. Toptal then looks for the perfect fit between the client need and talent expertise.

Leveraging a curated, expert-driven matching process ensures that the right individual or team is found, without time-consuming resume reviews and interviews. The company’s proprietary technology platform automates the process, driving speed and efficiency. The outcome is a highly qualified workforce with specialized skills to meet the needs of companies – saving both time and money.

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