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Critical Chain Project Management: Agile’s Missing Link

By Costas Voliotis

When an Agile project has too little time and too few resources, an extra planning boost from the critical chain method can keep a project on the path to success.

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CapEx 101: Resolving the Agile vs. Waterfall Conflict With Hybrid Methodology

By Adam Zachary Wasserman

What do Agile, Waterfall, and the former energy corporation Enron have in common? A strange shared history that may shed light on one of the most well-known conflicts in software development.

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Agile Documentation: Balancing Speed and Knowledge Retention

By Vinod Sukumaran

The various documents, artifacts, and the processes that generate documentation are some of the main symbols of the Waterfall model. Borrowing from Lean, Agile considers a lot of documentation as “waste” that needs to be eradicated in order to streamline the development lifecycle.

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