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Steve Sprindis

Freelance fundraising Consultant
Steve is an experienced financial executive and consultant with a broad range of experience ranging from deep dive financial analysis to M&A and valuation work. He has experience as a CFO, private equity investor, and investment banker. Steve has worked with over fif... Click to continue

Amit Kapur

Freelance fundraising Consultant
As CEO of a $15 million private equity fund, Amit developed a financial model that disrupts the traditional fund structure by eliminating management fees and yielding industry-leading returns. During his MBA at Kellogg, he developed a passion for freelance consulting... Click to continue

Bo Gustafsson

Freelance fundraising Consultant
Bo works at a venture capital and private equity firm, executing investments and advising portfolio companies. Bo enjoys advising clients to gain exposure to companies in a variety of industries and maturities to build on his experience in venture capital, strategy c... Click to continue

Alastair Ojeda

Freelance fundraising Consultant
Alastair has executed $5+ billion of debt, equity, and M&A transactions for global Fortune 500 firms while working at Goldman Sachs and other firms. For over the past decade, he's focused on capital raising, financial modeling, M&A and PE transactions across a broad ... Click to continue

Ryan Albert

Freelance fundraising Consultant
Ryan, a Princeton graduate, has worked as a venture capitalist at Altpoint, an investment banker at Deutsche Bank, and as a corporate strategist at Vice Media. He's built financial models, led capital raises and executed $6+ billion in M&A and VC transactions for int... Click to continue

Jeff Anapolsky

Freelance fundraising Consultant
A graduate of Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, Jeff has nearly 20 years of special situations transactions experience. He invested over $300 million in distressed debt, delivering double-digit returns at T. Rowe Price, and closed $250 million in middle... Click to continue