Toptal Launches Practice to Service the Education and EdTech Markets with Its Elite Talent Network


SAN FRANCISCO – May 1, 2018 – Toptal, a global network of top engineers, designers, and finance experts that empowers companies to accelerate, adapt, and scale, is helping to shape the future of education. Toptal today launched its on-demand service into the education and edtech markets, providing access to an elite, global network of talent who bring the right combination of industry experience and needed skills to support education’s transformation.

“Education has taken enormous steps forward in how it is leveraging technology, from new learning management systems to AI, and Toptal has been a part of that,” said Martin Chikilian, VP of Talent Operations at Toptal. “With this launch, we are focusing our efforts in education and creating teams that bring top-tier technology, design, finance and education expertise to work with organizations, from startups to major universities, and drive significant change.”

With soaring student debt, outdated school models, and a need to improve learning outcomes, Toptal has seen increased interest from the education and edtech markets. To date, Toptal has already worked with more than 50 education and edtech organizations — including nearly half of the Ivy League universities — on projects related to mobile learning, data analytics, machine learning, student-centered design, learning management systems, skill assessment software, and more.

“As education becomes more technology-oriented, colleges and universities need people with skill sets that may not have existed ten years ago,” commented Chikilian. “Even edtech startups are finding it more and more challenging to find the experience and expertise they need to be ahead of the market. Whether we are providing a single team member or a full project team that is working from conception to implementation, we find the right match for organizations in terms of skills, experience, and cultural fit.”

One example is Bill Tribble, an award-winning digital product designer and user experience consultant in the Toptal network, who is currently working alongside a number of other software engineers and designers from Toptal to help lead a top university’s efforts in building a new university-wide analytics platform. “The pace of change in education is accelerating,” Tribble noted. “It is becoming increasingly important to have cutting-edge skills combined with an understanding of the nuances of the education market in order to deliver meaningful expertise and support.”

Toptal also recently worked with LiveSchool, a leading developer of systems that allow schools to track and analyze student behavior. “LiveSchool had a complex, high-priority data project, which required special skill sets. Toptal was able to deliver the right skills and knowledge base quickly and efficiently,” said Jim Reynolds, Vice President of Product Development at LiveSchool.

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Education has taken enormous steps forward in how it is leveraging technology, from new learning management systems to AI, and Toptal has been a part of that.

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