Toptal Launches Remote Work Solutions to Help Companies Create Effective Remote Work Environments


NEW YORK, July 15, 2020Toptal, the world’s largest fully remote company, today announced a new consulting service to help organizations build and sustain robust remote work environments. Since its inception in 2010, and today with over 4,000 people working remotely, Toptal has been a fully remote company and has never operated from a physical location. The company’s Remote Work Solutions consulting practice has been created to help companies transition to lasting remote work solutions.

Taso Du Val, Toptal’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “Remote Work Solutions practice applies the experience and practical know-how accumulated over a decade of working only as a fully remote company. The events of recent months have forced every organization to evaluate how they operate independently of a physical office. For those that are now working on how to make this permanent, Toptal’s Remote Work Solutions can help make that transition lasting and more integrated.”

The company, which provides highly-skilled freelance talent to organizations large and small, is providing specialist expertise across the two principal areas defining the success of a transition to remote working: People and Operations, and Technology and Tools.

People + Operations: These engagements help companies discover the tactics and remote working best practices necessary to lead a thriving remote team or enterprise. The areas they cover include Communication Cadence, Employee Engagement, Resource Management, and Management Training.

Technology + Tools: These engagements help companies employ the right technology necessary to support a global remote organizational infrastructure. The areas they cover include Remote Access Capabilities, Virtual & Cloud infrastructure, Remote Tech Project Management Process, IT Solutions, and Security & Access Control.

A recent survey by The Conference Board gauged more than 150 human capital executives, mostly in large US companies. The survey found that 83% of companies in professional services (and 77% of all organizations) expect an increase in full-time employees working remotely at least three days per week, even a year after the pandemic substantially subsides. Moreover, including more remote work was named as their organization’s #1 most significant change in the recovery phase.

One such company in the process of creating their remote work strategy is Fisker Inc., the California based electric vehicle company. In using the Remote Work Solutions tools, the company expects to better plan how it will operate the company through a combination of office-based and remote working. “As the world’s first digital car company, the early insights from Toptal have been incredibly helpful as we plan our investments in physical offices and collaboration tools,” said Geeta Gupta-Fisker, Chief Financial Officer, Fisker Inc.

“The lessons we have learned – about technology, productivity, culture, and simply making it work when there is no office at all – can serve as a roadmap for both companies and employees finding themselves suddenly remote,” said Du Val. “Toptal is in a unique position to help businesses of all sizes realize the value and benefits of a distributed workforce beyond the need to manage through a sudden event such as the coronavirus pandemic.”

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