Toptal Launches “The Suddenly Remote Playbook,” a Comprehensive Guide for Working Remotely


The World’s Largest Fully Remote Company Shares Insights and Best Practices for Sustaining an Enterprise-grade Remote Company

NEW YORK, April 21, 2020 – To help companies make the most of this unprecedented time, Toptal, the world’s largest fully remote company, announced today the launch of The Suddenly Remote Playbook: A Playbook for Sustaining an Enterprise-grade Remote Work Environment, a comprehensive guide designed to help companies and employees manage working remotely.

Available on the Toptal website, the playbook methodically describes how companies can develop and sustain a successful, thriving remote workforce. Topics covered include everything from how to manage human resources and security best practices to the most effective tools that enable communication and productivity. The playbook also delves into the crucial topic of how to create a thriving culture within a fully distributed team, including the behaviors and actions necessary to foster an environment built on trust and accountability. Embedded throughout the playbook is a series of podcasts with Toptal’s executive leaders that provide personal perspectives and advice about working remotely.

As a fully distributed workforce for over a decade, Toptal’s substantial expertise can help organizations struggling with a challenging new reality, and those planning for the future. Companies cannot bear the risk of not doing business for months, quarters, or years. By preparing for future pandemics or other major disruptions, companies will transition, quite naturally, away from the office and toward the distributed workforce.

“The business world needs critical guidance right now. Toptal has spent a decade pioneering what it means to be a totally remote company. The lessons we have learned – about technology, productivity, culture, and simply making it work when there is no office at all – can serve as a roadmap for both companies and employees finding themselves suddenly remote,” said Taso Du Val, Toptal’s CEO. “With that experience – and our relationships with the industry’s most prominent experts on this topic – we are in a unique position to help businesses of all sizes realize the value and benefits of a distributed workforce during these changing times.”

Toptal plans to announce additional content in the coming weeks to help companies of all sizes around the globe navigate through the sudden change in the work environment.

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