Toptal Partners with Treehoppr to Facilitate Employee Engagement Across Remote Teams


NEW YORK, May 27, 2020Toptal is announcing a partnership with Treehoppr, an emerging leader in software products that help businesses better manage and engage their workforces. As the world’s largest fully remote company, Toptal relies on Treehoppr’s employee-friendly HR tools, such as PTO Ninja and Referral Booster, to simplify its time-off processes and facilitate candidate referrals. While traditional HR systems are not often designed for employee utilization, Treehoppr’s Slack-based, easy to use apps were built with remote teams in mind to impact employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Treehoppr’s PTO Ninja, the #1 Slack App for time-off, makes it possible for companies like Toptal – that offer an unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) policy – to track, request, approve, and analyze employee PTO usage within everyday workflows, like Slack. The app also integrates into Toptal’s calendars, incorporates delegation capabilities, and notifies the vacationing team member of the status of delegated tasks upon returning to work. It also provides users a view of time off within different Slack channels and user groups, allowing team members to better prepare when coworkers are out of office.

“The best thing about Treehoppr’s PTO Ninja is that it streamlines our time-off process. You can easily request time off, delegate work, and receive a manager’s approval all in one simple app,” said Michelle Labbe, VP of People for Toptal. “The app’s functionality gives us confidence that our unlimited PTO policy will be responsibly managed by all our team members, which sets all of us up for success in the long run.”

Toptal has also begun using Treehoppr’s newest product, Referral Booster, which creates automated referral announcements in Slack to help grow the team. Open jobs are automatically sourced and synced from existing recruiting systems, and hiring managers can highlight specific departments or postings pending the urgency of filling a role. With two clicks in Slack, a referral is submitted and Booster transfers the information to the applicant tracking system of choice.

“We built Treehoppr because legacy HR systems couldn’t keep up with today’s fast-paced company cultures,” said Kevin Corliss, Treehoppr CEO & Founder. “Toptal is the perfect partner for us to showcase how employee-first HR systems lead to a more engaged and efficient workforce, especially now as remote work becomes the norm for so many software companies.”

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About Treehoppr

Treehoppr builds software products to help businesses better manage and engage their workforce. Its Slack-based apps, including PTO Ninja and Referral Booster, streamline HR processes to positively impact employee wellness, productivity, and retention. Treehoppr is used in over 65 countries by customers like Gitlab, Toptal, Miro, and Affinity. Find out more at

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