Toptal Recognized as “Best-in-Class” in 2019 Digital Staffing Technology Advisor from Ardent Partners

NEW YORK – July 25, 2019 – Toptal, an elite network of the world’s top talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams, on demand, announced today that it has been ranked as “Best-in-Class” in the 2019 Digital Staffing Technology Advisor published by Ardent Partners.

“To be recognized as best-in-class by Ardent Partners, a distinction that speaks to a company’s ability to deliver on its services effectively, really shows why more enterprise companies are working with us as their main provider of high-skilled talent,” said Taso Du Val, CEO of Toptal. “The fact that Toptal has distinguished itself against even public companies in this space really shows the progress that we’ve made as a strong provider of high-caliber talent for both Global 2000’s and rapidly-growing startups.”

The 2019 Digital Staffing Technology Advisor report is designed to assist professionals in human resources and recruiting navigate the digital and on-demand staffing provider options, accelerate the RFP and solution selection process, and maximize investments in the virtual talent market.

“Ardent Partners’ evaluation and analysis have ranked Toptal as ‘Best-in-Class’ for providing the strongest talent-screening processes of any provider in the digital staffing market,” said Christopher J. Dwyer, Vice President of Research at Ardent Partners. “In addition, Toptal’s expert matchers work directly with clients to find the best-fit, best-aligned talent for a role or project which adds an additional extra layer of top-shelf quality to the company’s talent engagement and sourcing process.”

Ardent Partners identified the top 11 market leaders in the virtual talent space for inclusion in the study. A rigorous, multi-modal research process that leveraged qualitative, quantitative, and deep market knowledge was implemented to produce the report. The study evaluated each provider in terms of talent sourcing, workforce management integration, project management, operational processes, and reporting and analytics.

As the report highlights, Toptal distinguished itself from its competitors on the strength of key differentiators:

  • The strongest talent screening process of any provider in the study: Toptal has the most rigorous application process of any provider in the virtual talent space, using an intense vetting screening that results in only the top three percent of applicants accepted into the Toptal talent network.

  • A concierge matching service: Toptal provides expert matching, with a team of experts who have deep subject-matter expertise and are able to match each client with the right talent in terms of skill set, cultural, and team dynamics for an open position, often within 24 hours.

According to the report, Toptal is an ideal solution for enterprises looking for a robust source of virtual talent that is pre-screened and pre-vetted. The report also highlights that Toptal stands out for talent in software development, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and other high tech fields.

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Toptal is an elite network of the world’s top talent in business, design, and technology that enables companies to scale their teams, on demand. Toptal serves thousands of clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, delivering expertise and world-class solutions at an unparalleled success rate. For more information, please visit