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Lavinius Marcu

Proof in Numbers: Using Big Data to Drive Results

By Lavinius Marcu
These case studies illustrate how data-driven product management can make a radical difference in how you solve large-scale product issues.
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Kumara Raghavendra

Shipping Your Product in Iterations: A Guide to Hypothesis Testing

By Kumara Raghavendra
Glancing at the App Store on any phone will reveal that most installed apps have had updates released within the last week. Software products today are shipped in iterations to validate assumptions and hypotheses about what makes the product experience better for users.
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Steve Pomroy

Product Management Empowered by the Entrepreneurial Mindset

By Steve Pomroy
Successful product managers channel their inner entrepreneur to deliver outstanding products. Sometimes referred to as mini-CEOs, product managers can learn valuable lessons from entrepreneurship.
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