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Bryan Bates

Is the Citizen Developer the New Face of Agility?

By Bryan Bates
In an era of talent shortages and fast delivery, the low-code market is taking off. Citizen development on a low-code platform may be the solution your organization needs.
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Jim Stewart

Remote Solutions for Effective Agile Retrospectives

By Jim Stewart
Leading effective remote retrospectives can be challenging. These videoconferencing best practices will help you run successful retros whether your teams are remote or in-house.
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Alvaro Villena

How to Facilitate Change Through Agile Servant-leadership

By Alvaro Villena
The philosophy of servant-leadership gives project managers a superpower to influence teams without direct authority, which allows them to drive change across the organization more effectively.
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Adi Behlulovic

Project Management Cheat Sheet

By Adi Behlulovic
There is no perfect framework that can be applied universally. Project managers should tailor processes to work best with their teams and develop skills that will serve them well throughout their career.
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Alvaro Villena

Mission Driven Development

By Alvaro Villena
Growing organizations often find that Scrum is no longer enough but switching to SAFe is too complicated. Mission Driven Development utilizes the 6-week cycle and offers a lightweight approach to scaling Agile.
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Allan Milne Lees

How Open-Loop Processes Disrupt Information Flow in Business

By Allan Milne Lees
The essence of a good process is very similar to the manner in which SQL-based relational databases were designed to ensure transactional consistency. Learn how closing open-loop processes saved tens of millions of dollars for a pharma company.
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Matt Johnson

5 False Hopes of Scrum and How to Fix Them

By Matt Johnson
Scrum is easy to introduce but hard to master. Left to its own devices, Scrum creates false hopes and undercuts many of the expected benefits. Scrum teams need to continually improve their process and work culture to reap the rewards of an Agile transition.
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Ethan James

You Need a Hero: The Project Manager

By Ethan James
For every tech project or business, there's inevitably the “client” and the “programmer”. Sometimes they make it work between themselves, but often someone has to step in to establish the ground rules, keep everyone honest, and facilitate communication between all parties. This someone, this hero, is the project manager. In this entertaining article, Ethan James gives his insights as to why you, the developer, and you, the client, should invest in a project manager... or at least employ the techniques outlined.
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