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Damir Kotorić

Don’t Always Champion the User: How to Balance Business Priorities and UX

By Damir Kotorić
Designers who advocate for the user without showing an awareness of business objectives are at risk of being ignored. These strategies will help you communicate the value of UX to stakeholders.
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Anna Vasyukova

How to Conduct User Research as a Team of One

By Anna Vasyukova
User research is essential to product design, but it can be challenging to do alone. Explore how a solo designer can optimize time and resources to uncover important user insights.
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Alexandre Brito

How Product Designers Can Use Gamification for Good

By Alexandre Brito
Gamification in product design is a powerful tool for engaging users, but it can also cause significant harm if left unchecked. With good intent and ethical strategies, designers can create gamified products that balance user health and client requirements.
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Micah Bowers

From Promoting to Creating: How an Advertising Leader Found His Calling in VR Gaming

By Micah Bowers
Why did one designer leave a prominent role in the advertising industry and travel halfway around the world to pursue a UX career in VR gaming?
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Micah Bowers

Expert Designers Leading Healthcare Product Innovation

By Micah Bowers
Modern medical products unburden healthcare providers, improve the patient experience, and save lives. What can we learn from the designers leading this surge in healthcare product innovation?
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Ahmed Osman

Using Microsoft Clarity to Better Understand Users

By Ahmed Osman
Microsoft Clarity enables you to analyze how users interact with your website. What are Clarity’s unique features, and how can they improve your website’s user experience?
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Micah Bowers

The Widening Impact of the Motion Design Industry

By Micah Bowers
What does the motion design industry encompass, how does motion design impact business, and what problems are motion designers uniquely equipped to solve?
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Mayank Sharma

How to Improve App Settings UX

By Mayank Sharma
Well-designed settings panels allow users to tailor apps to their needs and help companies lower customer-support costs. What techniques ensure effortless settings UX?
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Micah Bowers

Why Internal Corporate Software Is So Frustrating (with Infographic)

By Micah Bowers
At the enterprise level, user mistakes can imperil thousands of employees, customers, and shareholders. With so much at stake, usability isn’t a luxury; it’s mandatory.
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