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Juan Manuel Ortiz de Zarate

Mining for Twitter Clusters: Social Network Analysis With R and Gephi

By Juan Manuel Ortiz de Zarate
Explore Twitter data clusters to discover keywords that dominate identified groups. Focusing on a politically slanted data set provides an easy target for analysis.
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Juan Manuel Ortiz de Zarate

Understanding Twitter Dynamics With R and Gephi: Text Analysis and Centrality

By Juan Manuel Ortiz de Zarate
Centrality and text analysis allow users to get more out of their social network data. Here’s how you can leverage them using R and Gephi.
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Juan Manuel Ortiz de Zarate

Social Network Analysis in R and Gephi: Digging Into Twitter

By Juan Manuel Ortiz de Zarate
Thanks to rapid advances in technology, large amounts of data generated on social networks can be analyzed with relative ease, especially for those who use the R programming language and Gephi.
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Anthony Sistilli

Twitter Data Mining: A Guide to Big Data Analytics Using Python

By Anthony Sistilli
Twitter is a goldmine of data. Unlike other social platforms, almost every user’s tweets are completely public and pullable. In this tutorial, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Anthony Sistilli will be exploring how you can use Python, the Twitter API, and data mining techniques to gather useful data.
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Hanee' Medhat Shousha
By Hanee' Medhat Shousha
Social networks are among the biggest sources of data today, and this means they are an extremely valuable asset for marketers, big data specialists, and even individual users like journalists and other professionals. Harnessing the potential of real-time Twitter data is also useful in many time-sensitive business processes. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Hanee' Medhat explains how you can build a simple Python application to leverage the power of Apache Spark, and then use it to read and process tweets to identify trending hashtags.
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Elder Santos

Data Mining for Predictive Social Network Analysis

By Elder Santos
Analysts have come to recognize social network data as a virtual treasure trove of information for sensing public opinion trends and groundswells of support. In this article, Toptal Engineer Elder Santos describes the techniques he employed for a proof-of-concept that effectively analyzed Twitter Trend Topics to predict, as a sample test case, regional voting patterns in the 2014 Brazilian presidential election.
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