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Dhruv Tandan

Caution to the Wind: Views on the Renewable Energy Growth Boom

By Dhruv Tandan
Renewable energy generation, lead by solar PV and wind power, is growing at a considerable rate. Innovations are lowering the cost to generate such power to levels of traditional fossil fuels. Yet underneath the positive headlines, there are some fundamental issues that remain in the long-term sustainability of business models in the industry.
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Alberto Mihelcic Bazzana

Driving Down Costs in a Digital Oil and Gas Future

By Alberto Mihelcic Bazzana
In an era of subdued prices and with usage expected to plateau within the next 30 years, the focus for oil and gas companies must turn to cost control. Applying technological innovations such as blockchains, wearables, and advanced analytics to the supply chain can keep costs in check and maintain profitability.
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