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Jonathan Lau

5 Considerations for a Strong E-commerce Product Strategy

By Jonathan Lau
E-commerce is a crowded sector. Build a better product strategy and increase your chances of success with these expert insights.
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Cosmin Costean

There’s No Such Thing As Digital Strategy

By Cosmin Costean
Organizations that scramble to define a digital-first strategy to solve their business problems are looking for answers in all the wrong places. Instead of emphasizing “digital,” they should focus on building a true strategy and then enable it with digital capabilities.
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Alex Cox

Every Product Has a Thesis

By Alex Cox
Every successful product has a central thesis—a reason for existence. Let’s analyze the foundations of the iPhone, Alexa, and other widespread products to highlight their core theses.
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Dan McClure

Mastering Disruption: The Art of Agile Complexity

By Dan McClure
Incremental improvement is no longer enough to deal with the complex problems facing the world today. Companies that master Agile complexity will unleash a new wave of disruptive innovation.
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Harish Natarahjan

Beyond “Faster, Better, Cheaper”: Vertical Integration Strategy for Startups

By Harish Natarahjan
Startups need to think about vertical integration and identify the areas to focus on in-house versus partnering or outsourcing.
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Eric Nowak

Why Is Market Share Important? Because Bigger Is Better Than Better

By Eric Nowak
Product leaders have been force-fed the notion that market leadership is a function of delivering the best client experience. And yet, overperforming product managers focus first on being bigger, not better.
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Allan Milne Lees

The Challenges of Initial Market Entry

By Allan Milne Lees
Developing a market entry strategy is critical to any product. What might seem like an overnight success is a result of months and years of planning and hard work. But even the most prepared product managers face challenges when entering a new market.
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Kumara Raghavendra

Shipping Your Product in Iterations: A Guide to Hypothesis Testing

By Kumara Raghavendra
Glancing at the App Store on any phone will reveal that most installed apps have had updates released within the last week. Software products today are shipped in iterations to validate assumptions and hypotheses about what makes the product experience better for users.
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Pete Privateer

Influencing the Influencers: Analyst Firms

By Pete Privateer
No technology company, whether early-stage or well-established, can escape noticing the immense impact analyst firms have on both customers and market. Influencing the influencers is part of a product management strategy.
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