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Traversing Hybrid Project Management: The Bridge Between Agile and Waterfall

By Monica Zaleski

A hybrid approach that bridges Agile’s adaptability and Waterfall’s predictability can be challenging to implement but beneficial for some projects. Toptal project experts share their notes from the field.

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SAFe Case Studies: Transformation Notes From the Field

By Daniel Carroll

In the final installment of Toptal’s Agile scaling series, the creator of SAFe, Dean Leffingwell, shares his expertise alongside three case studies from Toptal project managers who discuss the challenges and rewards of implementing an Agile scaling framework.

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What Is Agile? A Philosophy That Develops Through Practice

By Umar Ali

Agile’s flexibility is attractive, but its lack of specificity leads teams to misinterpret its applications. Agile expert Umar Ali explains how he helps teams prioritize values over practices.

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Tracking the Scrum Master Growth Path

By Anna Zakoyan

Whether you’re exploring the fundamentals or refining your leadership skills, these recommendations will help you chart a path toward becoming a true transformation expert.

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Agile Transformations: Why Leaders Resist and How to Bring Them on Board

By Andy Deighton

Agile transformations require significant organizational change, which can be unsettling for the C-suite. These tips can help Agile coaches address leaders’ uncertainty and create sustainable agility.

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Scrum Master vs. Agile Coach: Why Successful Transformations Need Both

By Tony Amos

During an Agile transformation, leaders often assume that the Agile coach role can be undertaken by a Scrum master. While they share similar traits, these roles have scopes that differ greatly.

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Mission Driven Development

By Alvaro Villena

Growing organizations often find that Scrum is no longer enough but switching to SAFe is too complicated. Mission Driven Development utilizes the 6-week cycle and offers a lightweight approach to scaling Agile.

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A Road to Better Agile Testing

By Vytas Butkus

The yearly World Quality Report created by Capgemini shows that 42% of survey respondents list a “lack of professional test expertise” as a challenge in applying testing to Agile development. While the advent of Agile has brought the increased speed of iterations for software development, in some cases this has come at the cost of quality.

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The Comprehensive List of Agile Conferences

By Vytas Butkus

The only Agile conference list you will ever need. This list contains 116 Agile conferences all around the world. It is arranged by month and includes insights about notable conferences, locations, and ticket prices.

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