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Elizabeth A. Anderson

What Is a Product Owner? A Project Manager’s Guide

By Elizabeth A. Anderson
It’s not uncommon for project managers to be assigned duties that should belong to a product owner. Find out how you can use this role confusion to your advantage, and increase your skills in both arenas.
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Kelly Provost

Streamline Jira Workflows With These Best Practices

By Kelly Provost
Jira’s flexibility can make managing projects complicated if your setup isn’t optimized for success. Use these Jira workflow best practices to strengthen the efficiency and clarity of your projects.
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Simone Theeboom

What Is PMO? A Guide to Project Management Office

By Simone Theeboom
Ever wondered how to successfully improve the delivery of projects in your organization? Using PMO best practices, business can drive consistent delivery of projects in today’s competitive environment.
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Miroslav Anicin

5 Indispensable Qualities of Top Project Managers

By Miroslav Anicin
Top PMs are always in demand in organizations around the globe. This is a list of some really useful habits Top PMs possess. Hopefully, they will help you to become one or check if you already have these habits at your disposal.
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