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Position Description

As a Content Writer on Toptal’s Content Team, you will be responsible for authoring a wide variety of content to support Toptal’s brand and growth marketing efforts.

You will connect creative and business strategies to ensure that all Toptal copy is compelling, highly engaging, and reflects clear thinking and analysis that draws readers in and induces action. You will work with a high-energy team of product managers, UX and UI designers, engineers, and growth experts to grow the Toptal site and other content, and strategically build and tell Toptal’s narrative to its rapidly growing audience.

All applicants must submit a PDF portfolio that showcases a variety of content work, including at least one marketing campaign you’ve helped work on (e.g., a landing page, social media ad, AdWords, email templates, etc.), as well as any other types of business content strategy work you would like to highlight.

This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere. All communication and resumes must be submitted in English.


  • Support initiatives forwarding the creative strategy of Toptal messaging across a variety of campaigns and products, including the Toptal site, platform, and more.
  • Innovate new advertising concepts and messaging across relevant channels in partnership with the Brand and Growth teams.
  • Assess components of the Toptal story and strategically build content campaigns to grow the Toptal brand.
  • Elevate the quality of all Toptal communications, ensuring that all copy is backed by data, conveys clarity of thought, and is compelling and action-inducing for an intelligent, driven audience.
  • Write, edit, and test all copy on landing pages on, as well as sales and marketing materials.
  • Define and apply copy standards across the Toptal site, ensuring that all visitors have a clear, consistent, and compelling experience.
  • Work closely with teams of product managers and designers to devise and implement the strategy for how Toptal communicates and organizes its value propositions and story.
  • Research Toptal’s audience and develop user personas to guide the team’s copy and communications decisions.
  • Provide rapid feedback and copy editing.
  • Identify UX and copy problems and devise elegant solutions.
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders.
  • Take smart risks and champion new ideas.
  • Create provocative marketing language for our experiences to help position Toptal as a forward-thinking, unique, intelligent, innovative company ready to solve our clients’ business challenges.
  • Help build the future of Content Strategy at Toptal through supporting content creation for our experiences on behalf of our brand marketing team and in collaboration with our sales and growth partners.

In the first week you will:

  • Meet the other members of the content strategy team.
  • Begin to learn the high-level principles of Toptal’s brand voice and messaging strategy.
  • Immerse yourself in your first content projects.
  • Integrate yourself into the brand marketing function.

In the first month you will:

  • Meet other stakeholders you’ll work with from our Growth and Design teams.
  • Complete several content projects and get a better feel for the types of work you’ll be doing.
  • Clarify and pressure-test different processes and workflows you’ll use when collaborating with other functions.

In the first three months you will:

  • Become fully integrated into Toptal.
  • Have finished several major initiatives that you’ll be proud of.
  • Strategize and roadmap future projects you’ll take on.

In the first six months you will:

  • Strategize how to scale the work you do as Toptal grows.
  • Have helped launch several new landing pages and other exciting marketing campaigns.


  • 4+ years’ experience in content strategy.
  • Comfort in quickly coming up with new ad concepts and ad copy to test.
  • A strong creative mind and the ability to connect business strategies to creative content campaigns.
  • Ability to think about and write content focused on nuanced technical concepts relevant to development, design, and finance. Technical writing experience a plus.
  • Experience working with an in-house marketing team, including UX/UI designers, growth engineers, responsive designers, and SEO managers.
  • Ability to work with stakeholders to understand detailed requirements and build copy flows for complete user experiences that meet stakeholder needs and vision.
  • Exceptional clarity of thought in communication and analysis, and the ability to explain complex user experiences in simple terms.
  • A strong knack for communications strategy and an eye for the long-term scalability of copy decisions.
  • Exceptional creativity and the ability to visualize strategic solutions and bring them to life with copy.
  • A strong understanding of the components of compelling, action-inducing communications.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills, as well as perfect grammar and command of the English language.
  • You must be open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism, and incorporate feedback to arrive at the best possible outcome.
  • You must be a world-class individual contributor to thrive at Toptal. You will not be here just to tell other people what to do.
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