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Guoming Xu

Designing Remote Ideation Workshops for Startups

By Guoming Xu
Remote ideation workshops help companies address business-related problems through creative exercises that prioritize speed, teamwork, and innovative thinking.
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Kent Mundle
By Kent Mundle
The freedom to travel is a boon to the remote work lifestyle, but finding the right type of housing can be a challenge. Luckily, a variety of coliving spaces now cater to different needs.
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Charlie Osborne

Remote Brand Strategy Workshops: The Ultimate Step-by-step Guide

By Charlie Osborne
Brand strategy workshops align stakeholders and set the tone for the work that follows. Better still, they produce brands that go beyond aesthetic appeal to achieve business goals.
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Danny Rubyono

Stay Sharp: How to Boost Creativity When Work Subsides

By Danny Rubyono
Freelance design contracts aren’t guaranteed. We confront this reality head-on by showing freelancers how to boost creativity and maintain positivity, even when paying jobs dry up.
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Cameron Chapman

How to Make the Remote Work Transition With Ease

By Cameron Chapman
A sudden transition to remote work can be challenging. Adopting an iterative approach, maintaining strong communities, and setting up a home office that’s built for productivity are keys to success.
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Raz Burciu

How to Conduct a Remote Design Sprint

By Raz Burciu
It’s difficult enough to run a multi-day Design Sprint with everyone in the same room. Doing it remotely is even trickier. These tips help designers overcome the challenges of running a remote Sprint.
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Micah Bowers

How to Work Remotely When It Matters Most

By Micah Bowers
Remote work isn’t a novelty, it’s the natural progression of our tech-driven world. We’re sharing nine timely tips for working remotely. Done right, there’s no better way to design.
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